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New Shimano crank w/Campy?(9 posts)

New Shimano crank w/Campy?hppy4u
Jan 8, 2004 2:29 PM
Hello all,
I am currently planning on building another road bike and have been entertaining the idea of using the new Shimano 7800 10-speed crank with some Campy drivetrain components. Will the Shimano crank be compatible with the Campy chain, chainline, etc? I know this is typically viewed as sacrilege among Campy purists but for the price and the supposed stiffness it seems to be a better option than going to a Campy carbon crank.

Any/all comments will be greatly appreciated.
I sure hope so ...HouseMoney
Jan 8, 2004 2:46 PM
I'm planning on doing the same thing with my build kit once I decide which frame I'm going to get.

The owner of my LBS has the same setup on one of his road bikes and is having no problems. I'm curious to read the other responses since I don't want to mix groups if there's a chance it won't be crisp.
Not trying to be offensive....divve
Jan 8, 2004 3:59 PM
...but it's such nonsense. Crank stiffness amongst the the mainstream providers is a non-issue.
Jan 8, 2004 8:33 PM
The new Dura-Ace is stiffer... but it's only relative. The Campy crank is so stiff that you won't be able to flex it under normal human conditions. So if the Dura-Ace is stiffer, it just means you still won't be able to flex it under normal human conditions.

Put it this way... you are an average joe and you are at the plate with Nolan Ryan throwing fast balls at you. If you can't hit his 95 mph pitch, do you really think it matters if he throws a 105 mph pitch at you? You still can't hit it. It's like that with the cranks... if you can't flex the Campy, do you think you could still flex the Shimano?

If you want that crank because you like it better, that's something no one can make an arguement against, but if you are thinking of buying it for the stiffness factor... well, it's moot.

Jan 10, 2004 1:59 AM
I was just curious about the compatibility issues. As a long time road and track rider I know that the frame, wheels, seatpost etc will flex quite a bit more than the crank. It's just nice knowing that if I am going to spend ~$300+ on a crank and bb I want to know that there are nice objective strengths to the part. I have used Campy stuff for over 20 years and I was recently surprised by a nice little warning/disclaimer on my Record crank (from a recent buildup) discouraging riders over 180lbs from using their crank without the consultation of a LBS. I know it's probably heavily influenced by our litigious nation but I can't help to think why Campagnolo chose 180 lbs. I I am hoping that this is something that was empirically based. As you have probably guessed, I am about 190lbs and typically squat 500 lbs in the off season. I know there are other riders who are heavier/stronger than I am but due to work constraints I typically use the one hour of ride time a day for sprint work and sometimes I think about the disclaimer. Obviously not enough to discourage my riding but still present nonetheless.
Jan 10, 2004 3:02 PM
I fully understand... I am even bigger than you and I play Ice Hockey. During the hockey season I squat up around the 500 lbs mark as well. I also weigh close to 230 during hockey season... I get down to 210 after about a month and a half of riding. I have never had any problems breaking parts in my life but I don't choose the super duper light stuff either. I pick sensible stuff, and I am very smooth on the bike. I don't trash parts, and I think my riding style is the factor in that, not my size. If you are smooth, sensible, and take care of your stuff, I would imagine you wouldn't have a problem. I personally ride the FSA ISIS Team Crank with their Platinum Pro BB. I have had zero problems with it. I got it about this time last year and rode about 8,000 miles last year. So if that makes any difference to you, I have found that even at my size, the FSA stuff is plenty durable. I don't ride the Campy carbon crank or the new Dura-Ace (yet) but I would imagine they are not going to cause you any issues. What I might expect is that they won't last forever, but most likely they will all be obsolete in 5 years anyways.

But again, based on my own experience, and being slightly bigger than you, I would bet you won't have issues with any of those cranks, but if the disclaimer is on your mind, mix the Shimano stuff with your Campy stuff. Who gives a crap what the purist say. I have an FSA set up on my Campy Record 10 bike. It's not mixing Shimano and Campy, but it's not the Campy crank either.

My point above was only to say that even though the Dura-Ace is stiffer.. it's not making a difference to over 99% of the population. Now if the Campy crank has a weight limit, that may speak to the strength of the cranks, not the stiffness. Too many people make a big issue out of crank stiffness... it's not the weak link in the chain, so it's usually silly to think too much about. Frame flex will be more noticable than crank flex. But again, if you have the disclaimer on your mind, the Campy crank may not be for you.

Agreed and besides the DA crankset is ugly.Noam
Jan 10, 2004 9:08 AM
re: New Shimano crank w/Campy?jnichols959
Jan 12, 2004 10:33 AM
both shimano and campy 10 speed cranks have a 43.5 chainline. there may be minor differences in the other specs but my guess is it would work just fine.
re: New Shimano crank w/Campy?hppy4u
Jan 12, 2004 11:20 AM
Thank you very much. That is exactly what I was hoping to hear. Looks like the buildup can finally begin.