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Opinion: American Classic Sprint 350 w/Sapim CX Ray(2 posts)

Opinion: American Classic Sprint 350 w/Sapim CX RayBollox
Jan 8, 2004 4:39 AM
Any realworld opinion on this wheel set. I am interested in using as an "everyday" wheel. My weight varies between 155/160. Has anyone used these?
Since you asked.... here's my opinionrussw19
Jan 8, 2004 7:48 AM
Keep in mind it's just that... an opinion...

I assume you are buying the 350 wheelset from American Classic. as they don't sell just the rims. However, the IRD Cadence rims are essentially the same rim, but with spoke eyelets. I have the 420's and am super happy with them. I have never had any hub issues that some had with last years' wheels. I am also much bigger than you, so I can't really ride the 350's anyways. But here goes... you say you are using these as everyday wheels... I would personally tell you to get a light weight build of the 420's for every day use. If you were using them as race wheels, I would say the 350's are fine, but as an everyday wheel, even at your size, they just aren't optimal. I have been on a ride with Bill Shook and he even said the 350s were best as a race day wheel. They have issues staying in true if you ride them all the time, and I think they are just a slight bit on the fragile side for everyday wheels. Get the 420's instead.

If you go with the 350s you would most likely need to go either 24f 28r with CX-Rays or 28f 32r with Revos...

You can get the 420's in a lower count because the rim is that much stronger so the added weight at the rim is slightly offset by the lower spoke count. You could go 16f 20r with CX-Rays or DT Aero (bladed) spokes with the 420s.

At the end of the day, the 420s will be much stronger and most likely only about 100 grams (for the full wheelset) heavier (maybe less) plus they are more aero and better suited for everyday use.

I would suggest you give a call to them and speak with either Jayson or Mike and ask their advice. Both those guys know their stuff and would be able to tell you more about the weight difference between those two sets of wheels.