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ErgoBrain FYI(3 posts)

ErgoBrain FYIHelduser
Jan 4, 2004 6:41 PM
I've had my ergobrain 10s computer for a little over a year. I've already had to resolder a wire on the speed sensor interface to the computer and today I just did the same thing for one of the cadence connection wires. It's not too overly difficult to do you just need to scrape away all of the waterproofing material at the connection and then use a low voltage soldering iron to reattach the connection.

I've also learned that if your ergobrain is acting flakey or not at you may need to replace the battery with a brand new one. I attempted to replace the battery with a battery that wasn't entirely fresh and my problems continued until I installed the brand new battery.

This may save you a few bucks so campy doesn't get any additional $$$ for the piece of junk they're offering. They really need to get on the ball and lower the price and make a wireless version. I certainly won't be the first beta-tester on that one.

If shimano got their act together they'd make their offering so it would be compatible with all setup based on configuration. It would be so worth it. You would just pick the component choice and it would know what to do.
re: ErgoBrain FYIPaulCL
Jan 5, 2004 7:40 AM
I have had the exact same problems.

One of the sensor wires broke and I resoldered. No big deal. I also had the factory battery die within two months of buying the unit. No problems since. One positive to the Ergobrain is that the data is not wiped out if the battery dies. My annual mileage number stayed intact. I only had to go through the simple programming steps again.

In all fairness to Campy - the Ergobrain had faired better than my other computers. I've used a Cateye Astrale on my bikes for years. I've had to replace two wiring harnesses at $20 a pop. The Astrale would always short out in the rain or snow. The EB works in snow, sleet or dark of night.

I'm sure they're working on wireless version. Paul
re: ErgoBrain FYIHelduser
Jan 5, 2004 2:08 PM
Yeah... It's pretty good. But I think it's in one of the company's best interests to make the unit the best it can be by reducing the price and making them all compatible. I think the ergobrain is better than the flight deck but for the price I don't think it's worth it. It had better shoot gu gel at you for 150 bucks. The way computers break all the time they should just make them less expensive. They should also make it so the prom's are reprogrammable so upgrading to a triple doesn't mean having to purchase a new computer. They've probably solved that problem now. But of course if you have a non-triple 10's computer you're basically screwed.