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Brake upgrade for a late 80's bikes(4 posts)

Brake upgrade for a late 80's bikesKuma601
Jan 4, 2004 2:22 AM
This is my first post here: The bicycles I have are: Vitus 979 and Atala Cro-mor with Shimano 600 EX groups with a mix of Italian goodies for flavoring. I would like to resume riding but keep these mostly as they are. However, I would like a brake upgrade as I felt the 600 brakes were marginal.

My query is to gather your thoughts on whether to upgrade to brakes of that time or use the current Campy Chorus D calipers. The vintage though somewhat later variants I was considering were the Athena or Chorus monoplanar brakes. The current Shimano Ultegra I don't warm to unless they come in a polish finish.

Since this goes back over 10 years, were the monoplaner brakes of the time good performers?

something to considerlaffeaux
Jan 4, 2004 10:25 AM
I recently tried to upgrade the brakes on a older bike (1980) to newer Shimano dual-pivot brakes, and ran into problems. Older style brakes are attached by a bolt that goes completely through the frame or fork, and are secured by a bolt. The securing bolts on newer style brakes do NOT go completely through the frame/fork, and are secured via a recesed bolt.

I found that a new front brake mounts perfectly in the rear of an older bike (using the bolt from the old brake set up). However neither of the newer front nor rear brakes work well on the front of the bike. It is possible to drill out the hole in the fork to accomodate the recessed bolt, and a front brake would work. Ideally two front brakes and a drilled out fork would be the easiest method to upgrade.

In my case I put the project on hold as I'm not sure if I want to drill out the fork and respace the rear triangle, or leave the bike as it is.
recessed boltswooden legs
Jan 4, 2004 12:18 PM
lots of upper end bikes of that era seem to have recessed bolt holes for the brake calipers, you may luck out. if you're working with steel frames it's not that hard to use a normal drill and some care to widen one end of the brake mounting hole so it will accept a recessed bolt, i'm pretty sure there's a tutorial on sheldon brown's website.
recessed boltsKuma601
Jan 4, 2004 1:14 PM
Thanks for the heads-up on the recessed bolts and Sheldon's site. So in a sense, it may be easier to stick with brakes close to my vintage? ~'90

Any comments on the Campy monoplanars of the time? I recollect them about '92 or so...?