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Sidi or Northwave Shoes(4 posts)

Sidi or Northwave ShoesSSC SL
Jan 2, 2004 8:32 AM
I am in the market for shoes and have narrowed it down to three. Does anyone have experience with Sidi Genius 4, Northwave Evolution or Northwave Genetix? Thanks
try before you buyEric_H
Jan 2, 2004 9:28 AM
This is obvious, but with the popularity of mail order these days it can be quite easy to buy the wrong fitting shoe! Try them all on before deciding. The fit of Northwave versus Sidi is different. Northwave shoes run large for a given size, and they have a wide forefoot. For instance, I wear a 43.5 Sidi but in a Northwave I am 42.

In terms of the specific shoes, the NW Evolution is a discontinued shoe, I believe production stopped after 2002. It uses carbon inserts on the soles with three velcro straps. Availability of the inserts might be somewhat limited by now. The NW Genetix and Sidi G4 are both ratchet and 2-strap models. I have only tried on the Genetix, but they seem pretty comfy. The Sidi shoes are very popular and durable, and the availability of spare parts is excellent. The only area of concern is the "arch compression strap", the plastic strap that goes across the instep. If you have a very high instep the strap may bother the tops of your feet - I had this problem but I find the ridiculously expensive Sidi Ergo to work for me as it uses a different (softer) strap.

FYI, the new G4 for 2004 has a new sole that does not require any inserts. The only problem would be if you use Time Equipe Pro pedal that require the 4-hole mounting (same goes for the Genetix).
I bought some evolutions last fallspookyload
Jan 2, 2004 2:53 PM
They replaced my old Sidi Energy shoes. The Northwaves are a little wider and run very large for their size. I like the northwaves more than I did the sidi's. You can also get some outrageous deals on the evolutions right now. I fitted a pair at the LBS just to be sure, then got a pair on eBay for $65. Cant beat that.
Just A Note- Evolution Insertsboneman
Jan 2, 2004 3:32 PM
These are increasingly difficult to find, even in Europe. They were made in both Carbon Fiber and what NW called Fibra, fiberglass impregnated resin. If you have the chance to buy the shoe (and it fits) without the insert, make sure that you have a lockup on the insert. They are both size and pedal specific.

I've not been able to find any CF inserts in the last few months but there are still a Fibra inserts available.

As the other posters have said, try the shoes on first. The NW's are wider than the Sidi's, excluding the Sidi Mega's. In fact, they're wider than the Carnac Legends although the toe box is slightly lower. For me, having owned 4 sets of Legends (Lemond's), they're a great fit. Plus, being discontinued, they can be found really cheap.