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kysrium elite or bontrager race lites?(5 posts)

kysrium elite or bontrager race lites?duke660
Dec 28, 2003 5:12 PM
I am looking for input on some wheel selections for a bike I am building. The bike (so far): S-works E5, dura-ace drivetrain(future purchase), easton ec90 bar, speedplay x-2 pedals. I weigh 145Lbs and will mainly be training on local roads which can be choppy(Michigan) but overall not to bad. I also plan on racing a few times a year. I do not plan on buying separate racing wheels. So far I was looking at bontrager race lites or ksyrium elites.
re: kysrium elite or bontrager race lites?xxl
Dec 29, 2003 7:11 AM
If you're spending that much, you could buy two sets of wheels, if they were "traditional." For $200/250, you can get some OP's laced with Ultegra at least, which should really be fine for the few times you're planning to race a year. If you lose any of those races I doubt it would be because of those wheels (no offense intended). Then, with the money you have left, you could build another set with sturdier rims and fatter tires, for those long training rides on the more remote UP gravel roads. I don't know how your E5 rides for you, but on rough roads it'll ride noticeably better with the big wheels, and you'll feel better. You may even ride longer, which will do a lot more for your racing prospects than some boutique wheels.

I ride Ksyriums myself, and they are an excellent wheel, really high quality, etc., but unless you're seriously racing, their advantages won't really come into play; kind of like using a race car for runs to the grocery store. FWIW, I'm only riding them because the shop made me an incredible deal on them as part of a group purchase. That, and they really look cool with my bike's orange paint.
re: kysrium elite or bontrager race lites?duke660
Dec 29, 2003 3:26 PM
Thanks for the very useful info. Do you happen to know the approx. weight of built OPs with ultegra hubs or durace? I also have a '99 Bianchi alloro with ultegra groupo which is traditional geometry frame which I still will ride(long rides, centurys etc.), I guess I wanted something different with the E-5 but don't think I want to spend all the $$$ for the racing wheels plus durablity is an issue.
re: kysrium elite or bontrager race lites?TNSquared
Dec 29, 2003 9:29 AM
I can't speak to the k's, but the bontrager race lites came stock on my road bike. Basically, they are good, sturdy every day wheels. I've bashed them through some deep potholes and have not even had to true them. However, they are not light, no more so than the cxp33/ultegras that I had Excelsports build for my cross bike. The cxp's were about $220. I don't know what the retail is on the race lites, but I'm guessing they are over $400. The race x-lites are racing wheels, but they are considerably more expensive still.

Bottom line - the race lites are good wheels, but they are average daily wheels, just dressed up to look like race wheels. Other than the cosmetic qualities, I'm not sure what advantages you'd get for the extra expense. Don't get me wrong, I really like mine, but I'm not sure I would have purchased them had they not come stock on my bike.
re: kysrium elite or bontrager race lites?duke660
Dec 29, 2003 3:27 PM
Thanks for the info.