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Chains - Should I switch from Dura Ace?(42 posts)

Chains - Should I switch from Dura Ace?schills
Dec 27, 2003 8:55 AM
Its time to replace my Dura Ace chain, which has really worked without issue. However, I am attracted to the possibility of easily taking my chain off from time to time to thoroughly clean the drivetrain. Is it worth looking at the SRAm and Wipperman options or will they run less smooth than my Dura Ace on my Dura Ace drivetrain?
re: Chains - Should I switch from Dura Ace?Rusty Coggs
Dec 27, 2003 9:53 AM
I use DA chains that I find really cheap with a Sram 9 speed powerlink.Maybe the best of everything?
FWIW, I do too!RickC5
Dec 29, 2003 5:56 AM
No problems on four bikes. Powerlinks available at our local Performance shop for $4.00. Works for me.
Dec 27, 2003 10:22 AM
Stay with the Dura Ace chain but join it using a Powerlink (gold for 9 speed). I've been using a Powerlink for about a year now and love it. The only question mark in my mind is durability since I don't have long term experience yet.

Regarding chains in general, Shimano chains use outer link plates that bow outward which helps shifting. I've tried Sachs/Sram chains before, and they do work acceptably, but for best shifting results, go for Shimano.

Of course, my opinion only. Yours may vary.

re: Chains - Should I switch from Dura Ace?FORT-Cyclist
Dec 27, 2003 10:45 AM
I'm riding a cheap sram pc48 chain.
the shifting quality is the same as with shimano chains.

I always replace my chain after 3000 km to reduce sprocket wear.
It seems to me that nothing is deadlier for sprockets than a lengthened and weary chain.
so I'm with cheap chains and wouldn't dream of buying a DA-chain.
re: Chains - Should I switch from Dura Ace?Rusty Coggs
Dec 27, 2003 11:27 AM
Ya oughta learn to measure a chain for wear.
what you should really doWoof the dog
Dec 27, 2003 2:20 PM
Don't pay any, I repeat, ANY attention to these ugly clowns with all kinds of crazy pompons who mangle kids on their block and eat dirt. Just stay with DA chains but do not, I repeat, do not get powerlink under any, I repeat ANY circumstances. Wipperman 9 speed connex links are narrower than powerlink and should match the width of a durace chain (Powerlink does not, though it doesn't really affect performance anyway). Some claim wipperman connex link is easier to open up and holds more securely (you gotta bend the chain into an S shape to open it up versus Powerlink where you just push the two ends together).

Peace out

Woof the god.
Not rightrussw19
Dec 27, 2003 11:04 PM
The Connex 9 speed link is 6.8mm wide.. the Sram Gold 9 speed link is 6.6mm wide.

I use both, Connex on my Campy Record 10 bike, Sram on my Dura-Ace 9 bike. Both are just as big a pain to open or close, which is actually good because neither falls off your bike when riding if you install them right.

Either of these links works equally well if you ask me, but I pay 10 cents less for the Sram. KMC also makes a quick release link called the "missing link" and it's pretty good as well. It's also the cheapest of the three.

no, I am RIGHTWoof the dog
Dec 28, 2003 2:24 PM
I am pretty sure that when we measured them with a caliper, connex link is narrower. Or maybe the plates are thicker. I will double check, but the bottom line is that there is definitely less play in a connex link than in a powerlink, which is exactly what you are looking for!

I win

Woof the dog.
Oh, and...Woof the dog
Dec 28, 2003 2:26 PM
you are an ugly clown with all kinds of crazy pompons that gives kids poisoned candy!


Woof the dog.
trolling, are we?russw19
Dec 28, 2003 7:10 PM
Do you always flip out and make senseless little personal attacks when you are corrected? You are like a little kid who just can't stand to be wrong. Proof why 12 year olds shouldn't have access to their parents' computers.

And go remeasure all you like... the SRAM is 6.6mm, the Connex is 6.8. As per their own tech specs. Maybe now that you know what you are looking for, you will actually find the right answer.

yes we are!!!Woof the dog
Dec 29, 2003 11:07 AM
And loving every line of it!

Lighten up.

Do I really think you are a clown with colorful balloons that are made into all kinds of animal shapes? Do I really want to prove that I am right?

You just can't see that I am making fun of all the flamers and trolls, can you?

Woof the god.
yes we are!!!russw19
Dec 29, 2003 3:46 PM
No, I can't see that. You went off on some random personal attack (albeit it was a bit strange and I didn't take it too seriously) when someone corrected you. Why? I have no idea. But your little snide remark to me was in no way making fun of "all the flamers and trolls" but was just lashing out at someone correcting you.

I don't need to lighten up, because not much said here gets under my skin, but I spoke out to you about this because this is the second time in 2 days that you randomly went off on someone. The other was when you went on a rant about Lazywritter posting pictures of his house.

I think you are the one who needs to calm down and lighten up. Everyone who is here falls under 2 catagories... those who are trying to help others because they love the sport, and those who try to pick internet fights because they are lacking something in their own lives, so they lash out at random anonymous strangers on the net. Which guy do you really want to be? Relax, have some fun here, and help some people out, but there is no need to lash out at someone because they corrected you. And if you have issues with someone posting pictures of their house, keep it to yourself. Either that, or go to a really nice neighborhood and take a picture of the nicest, biggest house around and post it saying it's yours. But don't come here and act like you are in 3rd grade and then tell someone else to calm down or lighten up, if you are going to act like you are above people, then be above all that too.

Woof = spankdog = Ronpitt83
Dec 29, 2003 4:08 PM
Same MO, same ass-holic attitude. We should have all seen this coming; we're the ones letting this immature clown (complete with the costume in his words) get under our cyber-skin.

Treat him like the troll he is and let's collectively hope the software change can curb juvenile behavior like this.
read thisWoof the dog
Dec 29, 2003 5:46 PM
Bite me!

As for Russ... Russ, I am sorry you have taken me the wrong way. If we were sitting at a dining table, or on a ride, etc. I would still call you a clown... and smiled you in your face, because it cannot be anything BUT funny.

My attitude is not trolling. Rather, it is speaking AS ONE SAW! Posting on any message board is about having a thick skin and not really caring that much about what gets posted. You have to always, I repeat, always scale the info down to its lowest denominator. In our case, I still think connex link is better because there is less play. And I will measure it again and let you know if I was wrong or right.

Don't be one of those who preach correct spelling. You can call me whatever, you can throw all kinds of little insults at me, you can say ANYTHING, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING YOU WANT. Just remember to not even waste your time because I DON'T CARE about what you have to say to me. Totally absolutely not! Because you are not worth my time, and I am not worth your time either. So lets do each other a favor, lets quit even thinking about it. And when I call you a clown, the most mature thing to do is to laugh it off, or not reply. Sadly, you chose to "educate" me on the issue, so here is some advice back at you, LIGHTEN UP you clown! You are too sensitive to talk about anything but bikes, but you fail to realize that all this silly tech talk is nothing without a human attitude, without a human (or dog's) face. I can't believe I have to explain you these basic things.

Brings up a memory of that nasty picture posted here a few years back. "arguing on the internet is like ......"


Woof the dog

P.S. Anyone who wants to reply to this... don't waste your time, cause I am NOT going to read any of this bull. I am not even going to open this thread.

P.P.S. Lighten up!
yes we are!!!colker1
Dec 29, 2003 5:17 PM
went on a rant about that house too and don't have any issues with anyone here except... lazywriter's condescending behaviour towards others. psychologist, bah! what's the cycling content of that house anyway? his litespeed? give me a break.
Yeah, but I know you and like you!russw19
Dec 29, 2003 11:49 PM
How's the summer going for you down there? Let me know when you need more Campy parts.

Oh, and I see from some recent posts that you want a Colnago... I may order one this year... if I do, I can get you one too! I'll let you know if I am going to pull the trigger on that one.

ride ride ride..colker1
Dec 30, 2003 4:02 AM
that's what i'm doing here when i'm not working. just swapped the 120 stem for a 130. guess it's the result of riding more.
yeah, thinking of a colnago. seems they are comfortable and great climbing machines. was offered a 54 dream but i'm sure my size is 55. master light is what i'm thinking, and w/ a precisa , no less. i want heavy metal...
ride ride ride..colker1
Dec 30, 2003 4:09 AM
and which colnago is on your mind?hmmmmm..
ride ride ride..russw19
Dec 30, 2003 11:35 AM
Well I sold my Ovalmaster last year. I didn't ride it much after buying my Pinarello and a guy I work with's friend made me a great offer, so I sold it.

I am actually thinking of either the MXL in AD50, or maybe a CT2 in TM11. I liked my Ovalmaster because it was on the stiff side being a 6/4 frame. I can get a pretty good deal on either of those bikes and I may be able to still order a 2003 CT1 on closeout. I would get the Precisa fork if I get an MXL but the Force if I get a CT2. I am scared of the Star fork at my size. The other fork I want to take a look at is the new Ouzo Pro Peleton. It's a little more aero and stiffer than the regular Ouzo pro and it's lighter than the 03 pro. The only catch is if I had my Colnago fork painted to match, but if they don't paint the fork I may get the Reynolds instead.

Dec 30, 2003 3:33 PM
a pretty good deal. russ, i'm sending you an email.
SRAM 89R-hollowglia
Dec 27, 2003 3:41 PM
I have been using the SRAM 89R hollowpin chain for the past 4000 miles without any problems. Shifts well and is really easy to clean. The added bonus is much less weight. DRops the rgeular lenght chain weight from 310 to about 270g. If you shop around you can find them for under $30 and most places price match. Just my 2ct worth.
Chain, chain, chain......Dave_Stohler
Dec 27, 2003 5:04 PM
I've used both SRAM and Shimano, and I'd have to agree that the Shimano chains do shift better. Also, the SRAM powerlink isn't all that easy to pull apart-you still need to grab a good bit of chain, and often a pair of needle-nose pliers is needed to separate the links. For ease of cleaning, I'd have to say that it's just as easy to get your chain tool and drive a pin out. Of course, the replacement pin costs a couple of bucks, so the powerlink is cheaper.

One more thing-D/A chains are expensive, wear fast, and aren't really that tough. An Ultegra-level chain is a much better choice, IMHO.
Tools and powerlink.Rusty Coggs
Dec 27, 2003 5:09 PM
You don't use tools on the powerlink,as it will bugger them. Don't need em if you know how the link works.
Well, I <u>DO</u> know how they work....Dave_Stohler
Dec 27, 2003 8:09 PM
...and, in the real world, they don't always come off as easy as the instructions say they do. Get some good early spring gunk on the chain and there ain't no way you're gonna get it off by fingers alone.
No, what I've had to do in the past is this: taking needle-nose pliers, push at the bottoms of each plate of the powerlink (diagonal corners of the link, on it's side), pushing towards each other. This requires very little force, and it always gets the powerlink open quickly.
Well, I <u>DO</u> know how they work....Rusty Coggs
Dec 27, 2003 8:54 PM
hose the link with wd-40 or something, no tools.
WD-40? On a chain?? <i>ACK!!!</i>Dave_Stohler
Dec 27, 2003 9:24 PM
I will never, ever, ever use WD-40 on, or even near a chain! It's the worst d@mn stuff you can put on a chain.

(I plan to make sure that my cogs don't get rusty....)
Read it again.....Rusty Coggs
Dec 28, 2003 6:42 AM
Ya use it on the powerlink to hose out the crude.Folks using the link typically do so to remove,clean and RELUBE the whole business. Try some comprehension.
Read it again.....Woof the dog
Dec 28, 2003 2:28 PM
"Try some comprehension"

hahaha, i love it.

Read it again.....Dave_Stohler
Dec 29, 2003 4:03 PM
Yeah, i guess he's got a bug up his @$$. But after reading some of his posts, it's obviously nothing unusaul.
Try lightening up a little.....Dave_Stohler
Dec 29, 2003 4:01 PM
Damn-I post a humerous response, and this old curmudgeon gets all bent outta shape. Geez!

(I'll bet you also make your own chain lube.....)
Well, I <u>DO</u> know how they work....Asiago
Dec 30, 2003 9:27 AM
Yep, that's what I had to do two nights ago, use the pliers, worked well enough, though my hands were black from prior attempts using only my hands! Winter riding is rough on chains!

I agree with the first part...Nessism
Dec 27, 2003 5:22 PM
The Powerlink is not all that easy to get's not all that hard either, once you've done it a time or two.

Regarding Shimano connection pins, I think these are fine to join the chain together but wouldn't recommend more than one or two of them on any given chain. They tend to pinch the side plates together too tightly causing a "stiff link" unless a fair bit of fussing is done to get the clearance just right to free it up.

Regarding Ultegra chains being more durable than DA, I say NOT! DA chains, if anything, are more durable due to the harder "boron" alloy used for the pins. Honestly though, I don't think there is much of a difference so buy what you want.

Good luck.

Chain, chain, chain......Woof the dog
Dec 28, 2003 2:29 PM
mmm, i may be wrong but isn't the difference between a durace chain and an ultegra only in the outside plating, which implies the same durability?

let me know

Fat woof the dog.
I agree and have been "corrected" on this board beforepitt83
Dec 29, 2003 10:09 AM
But still stick with my assertion that the powerlink isn't worth the trouble. I can get it quicker with the chin tool I already own than messing with that damn link.

If you have a powerlink, the only way I've gotten it to open is:

1.) Make a "Z" out of the chain with the powerlink as the diagonal.

2.) push that diagonal towrd it's center

3.) squeeze the plates towrd the center and it'll pop open.

I still think the chain tool works fine considering you should almost never need to open a chain.

There: You can all flame us on a two-for-one basis now. Mr. Stohler and I will ride our bikes instead of obsessing about a personal preference with no absolute answer.
Ahh but, there is an absolute answerMel Erickson
Dec 29, 2003 1:41 PM
We just won't know it until the absolute end!
From the title, I suspected you were a trollpitt83
Dec 29, 2003 3:41 PM
But I see you're actually Buddha :)O=
I've never been called such a thing in all my life!Mel Erickson
Dec 29, 2003 6:54 PM
If you've been around long you'd know I wouln't troll. I might philosophize a bit but trolling is beneath me.
IMHO SRAM are betterxcmntgeek
Dec 27, 2003 5:56 PM
Maybe it's just me, but I've had much better experiances with SRAM chains. They last longer, shift just as well, and break less (OK, that only happened once and I think was a freak accident but it still sucked). Plus, they make it a lot easier ot clean your drivetrain. Gold = Pimp.... need I say more? I'm not sure what I'm going to do now that I'm moving to 10 speed, wipperman perhaps?
I like Dura-Ace (nm)Al1943
Dec 28, 2003 12:01 PM
re: Chains - Should I switch from Dura Ace?WiseGuy
Dec 29, 2003 7:56 AM
I use both Sram and Shimano Chains on my Ultegra and Dura Ace bikes. Both Chains seem to perform equally will for me. I do however find my Connex links to be much easier to install and remove than my Power Links.

The diffences in all four are subtle to me, so price is usually the deciding factor.
re: Chains - Should I switch from Dura Ace?schills
Dec 29, 2003 8:23 AM
Thanks for all the responses.

I went with the Dura-Ace chain which Performance is selling for $20 right now. I combined it with a Connex link, which cost me $4. FWIW, according to the box, all 9 speed connex links are 6.5mm wide.