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Replacement chainrings.(2 posts)

Replacement chainrings.MichaelM
Dec 26, 2003 8:39 PM
Im desperately in need of new drivetrain components, but didn't put them on my letter to Santa.

Has anyone used the Strongliight rings ? I could get an inner and outer for less than £20, as opposed to £40+ for a pair the TA chainrings. Are the TA that much beter? I do tend to look after the drivetrain and strip and clean regularly.

Any experience? or would it be false economy?

The current components are 105 and have lasted approx 3000 miles if thats of any relevance (on just the 1 chain).


re: Replacement chainrings.djg21
Dec 27, 2003 12:35 PM
I used a Stronglight 54-tooth ring with D/A 8-sp. It worked just fine!