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650c winter tires(3 posts)

650c winter tiresTWD
Dec 19, 2003 1:57 PM
Anybody have a good recommendation for a reasonably priced ($35 or less) 650x23c tire that would be good for winter use?

A freind of mine asked my advice for just such a thing, and so far my search has come up short.

She isn't very proficient at changing flats, and is afraid that she is going to get stranded out on the road alone with a flat becuase of all the debris on the road in winter time.

I don't think her frame has a lot of clearance for wider tires (smaller Cannondale frame) so she'll probably have to stick with 650x23c tires.

The only option I have come up with so far is the Conti Ultra Gatorskins (650x23c). The conti website states they make them, but couldn't find any on line in the US. LBS special order maybe?

Any other recommendations?
re: 650c winter tiressamcat
Dec 20, 2003 4:46 AM
Not a lot of choices out there. There are three tires that you might be interested is the Gatorskin; another is the regular 650/23 Gran Prix which is just about as good. The third is the Terry Tellus (sp?) which is a 650/26+. Fork clearance might be an issue with it, though. There are a couple of others around...but I'd not bother.

The three above can be seen on the Harris Cyclery website. As far as purchasing them...Sheldon has 'em all in stock.

Dec 22, 2003 10:02 AM
The conti gator skins should fit the bill, and reasonably priced. I couldn't find 'em anywhere on line, but didn't think to check Harris. I should have known.