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Pro Race & Grand Prix 3000 - What are ride differences?(2 posts)

Pro Race & Grand Prix 3000 - What are ride differences?Fez
Dec 12, 2003 7:48 AM
I did a search and read some reviews. Lots of folks say Grand Prix 3000 has a nice stiff ride and dry corners well.

Lots of folks say the Pro Race has a more comfortable ride (as compared to Grand Prix 3000).

I have had the opposite experience. I thought the Grand Prix 3000 had a very soft and compliant ride (almost too soft where at first I would stop and check them for air pressure). I find the Pro Race is comfortable, but much less compliant in comparison.

This comparison is based on running both tires on the same bike, same wheelset and at approx 105psi.

Anyone else run both the Grand Prix 3000 and Pro Race and what is your opinion on the ride characteristics?
re: Pro Race & Grand Prix 3000 - What are ride differences?Eric_H
Dec 12, 2003 9:56 AM
I have ridden both and I do find the ride quality to be noticeably different. The GP3000 feel a little more solid in wet cornering situations. The Michelins, in my experience are a little better in puncture resistance. The Conti will outlast the Michelin on the rear wheel.