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Helmet for a flat (square) forehead?(5 posts)

Helmet for a flat (square) forehead?paluc52
Dec 11, 2003 6:22 PM
I always end long rides with pressure marks on the front "corners" of my forehead, just below the hairline, from my ill-fitting helmets - LeMond, Giro, Target specials (it doesn't seem to matter). Can anyone recommend a helmet for a rectangular, rather than egg-shaped head?
how about the styrofoam mold that came with your tv set?bicycle268
Dec 12, 2003 4:31 AM
but seriously, I suffer from the same squarehead syndrome. Give Limar a try. They tend not to pinch at the corners.
Maybe run over to your local 'well stocked' LBS and try a bunch on.

Good luck!
LOL ... or a beer cooler (nm)OffTheBack
Dec 12, 2003 6:33 AM
LOL ... or a beer cooler (nm)paluc52
Dec 12, 2003 9:40 AM
By the time its empty, I find I'm indestructible.
re: Helmet for a flat (square) forehead?lithiapark
Dec 13, 2003 9:26 PM
I am sure it would make the companies product liability department cringe, but I "customize" my helmets. Identify the place where the bump on your head hits the helmet and take the round end of a ballpeen (sp?) hammer and make an indentation in the styrofoam to accommodate it. It usually doesn't take much. I have crash tested several so modified helmets personally, and have never had one fail at the indentation places. The reduction in impact absorption at the indentation site seems like it would be pretty minimal, the helmet overall might work a little better because there is less room for your head to rattle around inside. I accept no responsibility for your broken head if your helmet fails, and probably neither would the helmet manufacturer. It would seem we all assume some responsibility for any untoward event that may arise from any number of things we do to our bikes, I personally don't think it is any different for a helmet. If you don't wear your helmet with the straps tightened up because it hurts your head, you're probablly not getting the best protection anyway.