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Threaded v. threadless 1" carbon forks(5 posts)

Threaded v. threadless 1" carbon forksoutofthesaddle
Dec 11, 2003 5:45 PM
I saw the post below about 1" threadless forks. I was thinking about swapping the 1" threaded Icon carbon fork on my '99 Trek 5200 for a 1" threadless carbon with alloy steerer. Anyone have any idea how significant the weight savings might be? (Currently have Ultegra hs and going to FSA @ 82 grams). Fairly inexpensive switch (about $85 for fork and hs) but wondering whether it's worth it.
re: Threaded v. threadless 1" carbon forksRusty Coggs
Dec 11, 2003 7:24 PM
Add the price of a stem. Relatively pointless IMO. I switched out an icon threaded for for a full CF fork,that was alot lighter and was better suited to my weight and riding type,and light bars and stem and saved considerable weight in addition to improving the ride.
Yep, like Rusty said.. limited gain by doing so..russw19
Dec 11, 2003 10:24 PM
Your threaded Icon fork has a cromoly steerer tube. You could drop like 100 grams if you got an alloy threadless fork, light stem, won't save much at the headset, but will lose the adjustability that a threadless system offers. If you went to a full carbon fork your savings would be greater, but so would the cost.

What is your motivation for making the change? If weight, this will be a pretty expensive way to lose it. Use this as one of your last resorts, and even then, only if you are racing a lot in the mountains where that 100 grams may make a difference. Otherwise spend this money on new and more comfortable contact points. Those will make a difference and be immediately noticable. Get some good gel cork tape, a really nice all day saddle, and get some really good tires. Those are things that are going to matter more to your ride than 100 grams of weight in the steerer tube/stem combo of your current set up.

Also keep in mind that your bike is 9 speed Ultegra... why not save this money you would spend on upgrading and think about replacing the components next year when it goes to 10 speed? Start saving now for that instead of putting the money into your current 9 speed set-up. If you really like that frame, you can keep it and upgrade it, or sell it and get on 05 OCLV with Ultegra when they come out. Just a thought, but you won't be adding much to your current bike with this change... why not wait and get something that will be a big change when you can afford it?

Free advice... worth every penny you paid for it...

It's what I was afraid of...outofthesaddle
Dec 12, 2003 9:08 AM
This bike is my training bike (my main race bike is an 03 5900). The reasons that I've been considering is that (i) I'd like to have the option to use this bike at some races where the course is sketchy; and (ii) chucksbikes has the fork for $65, the hs for $20 and I already have the stem in my parts bin. I remember hearing that the quill stem was fairly heavy and this seemed like an inexpensive fix. Sounds like even with a good deal on parts, still might not be a lot of bang for the buck.
Depending on what NEW fork you are considering...Fez
Dec 12, 2003 8:07 AM
What kind of fork are you considering? Treks have paintjobs that span the entire frameset. Aesthetically, you want to make sure the fork will match. But more importantly, I think Treks have higher rake forks (I think 4.7 or greater; check the geometry charts for your specific size). You want to make sure you are getting one that has the correct dimensions.