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Wheels, Wheels, Wheels(9 posts)

Wheels, Wheels, Wheelsreaper
Dec 8, 2003 4:13 PM
I know its been asked a thousand times. I need new wheels around $300 US and I weigh 230.
Neuvations aero m28?
Cane Creek
Velocity Nuvian, Spartacus?
Campy proton, Scirroco?
Any ideas? Im not a Cat 1 type guy just need a good (hopefully lighter) set of wheels?
Any help is appreciated.
need a lighter rider...C-40
Dec 8, 2003 4:30 PM
At 230 you need a stout set of wheels, to heck with the weight, if you want them to last very long.

A good set of custom wheels is the best bet. You probably need 36H in back and 32H in front.
re: Wheels, Wheels, Wheelslyleseven
Dec 8, 2003 5:19 PM
I weigh 220 and have been riding on lightweight wheels for thousands of miles without a problem- 24/28 spoke Speedreams as well as SLs. But for $300 I had no problems with Open Pros with Record hubs and they move right along.
The answer is . . . it dependsKerry Irons
Dec 8, 2003 6:32 PM
Some folks your weight have no problems with lighter wheels, but that's not how the smart money bets. Consider some built wheels with something like a Velocity DeepV rim. These rims (and many other deep section aluminum) are hell for stout and build a very strong wheel. The front wheel will "never" give you trouble because the stresses are so much lower than the back. Find a good builder or go with Colorado Cyclist/Excel who both have good reputations for building quality wheels at reasonable prices - their finished wheels are as cheap as buying the parts.
Don't rule out CampyIndurain 03
Dec 8, 2003 10:05 PM
I just bought a set of Campy Scirocco's, and have been thoroughly impressed in the short time that I have had them. I think the points made in prior posts are valid. 230 is a little heavy, but with hard work you can lose it. Let's put your "weight issue" aside for a moment. The quality of Campy wheels is really quite astounding. The G3 system is vey stiff, good for both sprinting and climbing. They are 30mm deep, which is considered Medium in the aero department. For ~300, the Scirocco's would be a great choice. However, the Proton might be better suited to your build. Good Luck.
Don't rule out Campylyleseven
Dec 8, 2003 10:23 PM
Not Proton, but Neutron, but these are 500+. Proton not recommended for 200+. On the other hand I am 220 and ride a couple of sets not recommended for 200+!!!
Mavic Cosmos?OffTheBack
Dec 9, 2003 4:28 AM
I haven't used them myself, but they fit your budget and seem like a good balance of strength & performance for a Clydesdale.
re: Wheels, Wheels, WheelsMShaw
Dec 9, 2003 9:57 AM
There's no way we can adequately answer your question without knowing what kind of riding you're planning on doing, whether you're "light on your wheels" or not, etc.

If you float over rough stuff, then maybe you can get away with the lighter weight wheels.

If not, then build something bomb-proof till you either lose weight or learn to ride softer.

If you're planning on racing/sprinting/etc, then I'd go with the 32/36 recommendation. Minimum. Maybe the Shimano Tandem wheels if you want something with just a few spokes?

At your weight, why worry about lightweight wheels? Things that are light aren't usually designed for heavier riders. To win a race, first you have to finish!

I know the eye candy is tempting. I have the same disease, and so do most of us here. BUT, if you're overweight, lose the weight first, using the goodies as a reward. If you're just built big, use the eye candy stuff as a reward for winning races.

That help?

re: Wheels, Wheels, WheelsHarlemCracka
Dec 9, 2003 2:02 PM
I weigh about 195 and have been looking for wheels in the $300 range as well. I've read and heard great things about the Mavic Ksyrium Elites. They list around $500, but I've seen them go for about $300 on EBay many times lately. I'll be picking up a set after xmas.