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FRONT DERAILLEUR ISSUES, Newbie looking for Rescue(2 posts)

FRONT DERAILLEUR ISSUES, Newbie looking for RescueKaparzo1
Dec 8, 2003 11:43 AM
I just got a road bike to train on for MTB and have no knoweledge of mechanics on a road bike. When in the big ring my chain rubbed against the outer plate of the FD. I tried the limit screws and barrel adjuster but nothing helped. Then I tried adjusting its height and rotation. I am afraid i messed it up because now it shifts very poorly sometimes skipping the middle ring and sometimes not shifting from the middle to the top chainring. In addition, there is a pinging sound coming from the casette that occurs when I pedal. I think i have narrowed the problem down to a cable tension issue (maybe a cassette or chain tension issue also as the chain can move latterly back and forth very freely). The question is how. I am fairly capable but worried i will really mess things up. I have one free tune up, should I use it.
Go back to square 1 and try again.dzrider
Dec 8, 2003 1:21 PM
This is my method, others may have simpler or better ways.

Remove the cable from the derailleur. Make certain that it moves freely through the housing and replace anything you need to replace to make that happen. Line up the outer cage with the outer ring so they're parallel. Set the height of the derailleur so the outer cage clears the outer ring by 1mm or less when you pull it, by hand, all the way out. Hook up the cable so it's nice and snug. Set the limit screws as tight as you can.