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Speedplay X1 versus Zero compatibility(2 posts)

Speedplay X1 versus Zero compatibilityglia
Dec 8, 2003 5:42 AM
I have both of these pedal systems and need some help understanding the compatibility issue. As it stands, I would need to sets of shoes and cleats. However, the pedals are almost identical with exception of the steel "bowties" that engage the pedal. It has a couple of stops on the Zeros that are not present on the X1. The X1 pedal, however, appears to fit into the Zero cleat. Of course it does not support the float restriction. I have not tried actually using them together but would like to know if anyone has. I would also love to know whether switching the bowties would allow use of the X1 pedal in Zero cleats or vice versa. Is it possible that Speedplay calls them incompatible only to make sure they sell more Zero's??
re: Speedplay X1 versus Zero compatibilityChen2
Dec 8, 2003 7:06 AM
Why don't you e-mail Speedplay and discuss. I find them to be very helpful and responsive. Since you have both types, it seems that you should be the expert on compatibility and report back to us. I ride X-1's and see no reason to limit the float unless there is an on-going problem with your heels hitting the chain stays.