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2004 Shimano Dura Ace Crank Compatibility(8 posts)

2004 Shimano Dura Ace Crank CompatibilityZerotrek
Dec 7, 2003 2:40 PM
I have heard, as have others who I have seen post here that the 2004 DA Crank is compatible with the DA 9 speed group. Anyone know or want to offer their opinion on this?

I will not be able to afford the entire 10 speed group change recommended by shimano anytime in the near future. If I am lucky I can get the crank and BB in about 3 months, but I would prefer to hear some positive results by others before making this investment.
I have used campy ten speed cranks with nine speed.the bull
Dec 7, 2003 3:06 PM
I dont see how Shimano would be any different.
Whats wrong with your current cranks anyways?
I have used campy ten speed cranks with nine speed.Zerotrek
Dec 7, 2003 3:24 PM
To be honest, nothing. I am 6'2" 235lbs. One area I am always looking for improvement is the stiffness in the BB/Crank.

If the 04 Crank does nothing, I might look at my frame. The only frame I think that would be stiffer than the Specialized would possibly be a Cannondale, but I have found the Specialized very ridable not jaw shattering like most aluminum road frames I have been on.

I am also not ready to move to the aluminum w/ carbon seatstays until I am sure of the reliability. Seems every manufacturer is doing it, probably due to the low cost to performance ratio.
I have heard...the bull
Dec 7, 2003 4:13 PM
that the new DA cranks are very stiff!
That would be a good reason to upgrade.
I also have heard from friends that ride the new Specialized M4 that it does ride very nice.
At 235lbs It would be hard to find something that is stiff.
I can feel things flex some and I am only 150lbs. I can only imagine what you are feeling.
re: 2004 DA Shifter CompatibilityCritLover
Dec 7, 2003 6:45 PM
OK, it's probably the same question, but I was wanting to try the new shifters due to the improved ergonomics and brake reach. I also cannot afford the group, but have no knowledge of crossing the different speed systems.

Anyone running different speed shifter and derailleur?

need 10-speed cassette with shiftersfallzboater
Dec 8, 2003 8:29 PM
The Shimano rear derailleurs are all the same throw, but the 10-speed shifters pull less cable per shift to match the closer cog spacing of the 10-speed cassette. So, if you want the shifters, you'll also need the 10-speed cassette ($$$) and a narrower chain. The 9-speed derailleurs and crank should work.

I'm getting the DA 10, but I'll be glad when they come out with an Ultegra-level 10-speed cassette. I don't like paying so much for consumables (tires, chains, cassettes).

no problemandyqn007
Dec 7, 2003 6:59 PM
the chain is narrower on the outside, but not on the inside, so the cranks should be 100% compatable.
I'm running it right nowgonzo77
Dec 8, 2003 1:46 PM
Just put the cranks last week. Didn't change the front derailleur or chain as shimano site recommends(FAQ), but I haven't noticed any problems. So go ahead and pop em on.