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Winter Tires?(4 posts)

Winter Tires?Field
Dec 1, 2003 1:16 PM
What are the best tires for riding in sub-freezing temperatures on nasty winter roads? I'm considering the Grand Prix 4 season, but i havent read any reviews regarding their winter performance.
re: Winter Tires?Colton
Dec 1, 2003 2:17 PM
This is the second year I will be using the Conti 4 Seasons and they have worked great for bad weather conditions.
Dec 1, 2003 3:14 PM
This is the third season I've tried the GP4's. Bought them in in October 2001 when they were released in Europe. They looked perfect for riding in England, wet conditions and all. I rode them during the 2001-2001 winter. Hated them in bad conditions. One of the worst tires I've ever ridden on in wet and greasy conditions. I've read a lot of positive opinions on their wet weather stick but I definitely don't share that view. They're great in the dry FWIW although their ride is a bit harsh, not a surprise with Conti's, tub and clincher.

I rode them again for a bit during the 2002-2003 winter and changed them out for a 25mm Armadillo in the back and a 23mm Gator skin in front. Heavy but bomb proof. The Armadillo's a bit of a pig in the wet due to its compound and construction but the 25mm helps.

Thinking that maybe it was the early release date of the GP4, I bought another pair last month and gave it another go. Same result so I'm onto other things.

The Gatorskin tread's a different compound than the GP4. More natural rubber. Not perfect but better stick and much more eash to control in the wet. The GP4 was like being on ice. Once sliding, you're down. The Gator allows for recovery. Of course the Gator's a bit less responsive as it's slightly heavier and has steel bead. The Gator's also better against road damage.

Depends on conditions and riding style. If you're truly riding in zero and below, go 25mm and don't worry too much about the brand. At those temps, you're not likely to be cornering like Valentino Rossi. If you're riding in the zero to 10C range, I wouldn't bother changing out what you currently like. Perhaps going to 25mm but that's it.
Dec 1, 2003 5:12 PM
I think Gatorskins are very durable, but not very responsive. Don't trust them on wet pavement as well as other brands. I had better luck with Panaracer TGs. Wet or dry they are bombproof and handle better than the Gators. If speed and wet are your need, try the Vittoria All Weather Clincher, which handles great in wet or dry conditions,but more of a performance tire than durable.