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Jr gears and 2004 DA(3 posts)

Jr gears and 2004 DAxcmntgeek
Nov 29, 2003 8:12 AM
So.... Our team bikes for next year have 2004 DA on them (yipee!!!!!!!!!!) One problem, I'm a junior and therfore have to run jr gearing at the nationals and all large jr races. In these races you can't use the limit screw to eliminate the larger cogs you have to just have a max gear ratio of 100 inches (52-14 or 45-12). So, do any of you guys(or gals) know if there will be an available 45 tooth chainring for the DA crank, I doubt there will be a 14 tooth rear cog set up. Any other ideas?
re: Jr gears and 2004 DAswvegg
Dec 1, 2003 5:28 PM
Talk to a mechanic about it. I'm not really an expert on compatibility but I'm sure you can use another brand's 45t chainring (i.e. Salsa or Engagement Ring). It may not shift perfectly due to the width of the 10sp chain being on the narrow side.

Secondly, there are custom cassette makers that could make you Jr. cassettes that are 10 sp compatible. I can't remember what companies make them. Except for one that I believe is called Miche, a French company that doesn't do much importing. I've used one for 9 speed, super nice and light, but expensive and not extremely durable. I can find out more companies that make them if you like. E-mail me at if you want and I'll look into it.

Me personally, I'm in the same situation. I'm just selling the 10 speed stuff for 9 speed DA. I'm making a profit and I'm only a junior for 1 more year, so I'm just not gonna fuss with it.
re: Jr gears and 2004 DAmjbmx5
Dec 2, 2003 7:05 PM
Also a 48-13 can be used. TA Specialites makes both a 45 and 48. has the 48. I have seen 45 tooth but I think you would have to order one from Europe. One thing I have done is grind the teeth off and block gears but the new DA is a very expensive to do that to. USA Cycling just doesn't want the gears to be there. I think junior gearing is a good idea but Shimano should do a better job making cassettes for this. For younger juniors a 14-29 would be nice. For younger juniors I have went to the FSA compact cranks but FSA does make a 45 tooth. Because road derailluers are made for 53 tooth gear, a 45 or 48 chainring doesn't shift near as well as a 52 so if you a picky about your shifting keep the 52. I have one junior that was not happy with the 48 tooth shifting and would not ride it.