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Campagnolo Centaur vs. Veloce(9 posts)

Campagnolo Centaur vs. Veloceturbo6bar
Nov 27, 2003 4:06 PM
Clive de Souza of is building me a new road bike to replace an accident damaged Trek 2100. My component options are: (10 spd drivetrain)

1) 2004 Campagnolo Veloce - base components
2) 2003 Campy Centaur (silver finish) add $100 over option 1
3) 2004 Campy Centaur (grey finish) add $150 over option 1

We chose the FSA Pro Team crankset and FSA chromoly bottom bracket in substitute of the Campy crank and bottom bracket, since it's cheaper to do this 'upgrade' on the front end vs. upgrading later.

For cosmetics, we plan to use Campy Mirage hubs (all black), black spokes, and black IRD Cadence rims, handbuilt for durability and strength.

Anyone have an opinion regarding the gruppo to use? The $150 spread won't break my budget. Clive asserts the 2004 Veloce is virtually identical to the 2004 Centaur components... "Save your money," he says.

From very limited hits on search engines, the weakpoints on the lower-end Campy gear is the bottom bracket (strong but heavier) and hubset (durable but 175 grams heavier). I am a recreational rider pedaling ~150 miles per week. I plan to ride the bike at least 3-5 years, and I would prefer to buy all upgrades now instead of constantly upgrading in the future. Lightness is not my priority, but I won't complain if it is stinky light. I am 6'0" and 155 lbs.

re: Campagnolo Centaur vs. VeloceTom C
Nov 27, 2003 5:48 PM
It's a shame a cosmetic consideration is steering you to Mirage hubs. I was going to say the Centaur hubs are essentially the same technology as Chorus, Record i.e. the oversized aluminum axle. Besides getting a much lighter wheel with Centaur, you can adjust the bearings with the wheel clamped in the dropout which to my mind is going to give you a long hub life. The hollow spindle BB(AC-H) is not that big a deal as a cost upgrade from the solid (heavy) spindle.
I would go with Centaurflakey
Nov 27, 2003 6:02 PM
ESPECIALLY, as Tom C says, for the hubs. The Centaur hubs shares almost all of the same crucial parts as Record and Chorus,ie; axle,cups,cones, bearings,seals. Its a better hub and the spare parts will be easier to get because they are shared with the other two. And its lighter.
Agree on Mirage hubs, old technology. The Veloce + styleSpunout
Nov 27, 2003 6:26 PM
with the OS axle is a dream to work with. No cone wrenches. Very good seals.

OTOH, I have Mirage hubs on my training wheels, and they are easily re-packed. But with NO seals whatsoever, they are a bit high maintenance.
Three basic differencesMel Erickson
Nov 27, 2003 6:02 PM
Appearance, Veloce is not as nicely finished and doesn't come in the grey (neither does the 2003 Centaur)

Weight, Veloce will be slightly heavier, although some of that is in the BB, which you have changed already. I'm not sure what the difference between the FSA, Centaur and Veloce weights are for BB's.

Cost, Veloce is cheaper

That's about it. From a performance standpoint they should be about equal. You don't start seeing significant differences until you get to Chorus.
same bb on veloce and centaur..colker1
Nov 28, 2003 2:52 AM
it's the achilles heel of centaur; the boat anchor bb.
That's what I needed!turbo6bar
Nov 27, 2003 7:13 PM
It appears the Mirage hubs are definitely a step or two below the Centaur hubs. I will talk to Clive about redoing the wheelset specs and/or simply running full Centaur component set.

Perhaps I need to rethink the FSA crankset.

Thanks a lot!
Wheelset from oddsandendos?turbo6bar
Nov 27, 2003 9:08 PM
For $350-400, Velocity on AC hubs or IRD Cadence on AC hubs looks like a great value. This would be around $100-125 more than something with Open Pros.

Are these wheelsets durable? I would go with 28-32 hole, if that means better durability. My weight again is 155 lbs, and I ride on good roads (pretty smooth Tennessee roads). My old bike had Ultegra hubs with CXP33s. After 2800 miles, the rear was barely out of true. Front was perfect until a car pulled in front of me. :(

Are the American Classic hubs a match to Campagnolo with regards to quality?

AC has had some problems with their freehubMel Erickson
Nov 28, 2003 8:11 AM
I haven't had personal experience with it but others have reported problems with the ratchet mechanism breaking. Supposedly with an earlier (2003?) model which AC says they fixed for later models. I bought a set of Velocity wheels from Glory Cycles on eBay just a couple of weeks ago for $165. Aerohead rims, Velocity hubs, Wheelsmith DB spokes, 28 radial, 32 3X, black. Maybe they've got some more. I think they're great wheels, especially for the price.