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Help me evaluate some carbon...(3 posts)

Help me evaluate some carbon...6was9
Nov 27, 2003 1:37 AM
components for a new bike.

Look carbon Ergopost 2 Ti: I hear a lots of slippage and breakage problem but I am not sure whether the problem has been addressed on the 2 Ti model,)
USE Aero(saddle cramping mechanism complication?)
USE Alien,
Easton EC90,
FSA K-Force Lite,
Selcof(breakage problem?)

FSA K-Force Lite,

Easton EC90(I have one and like the feel but not too hot about the ergo bends)
Modolo Curvissima KX,
FSA K-Wing,
Stella Azzurra Tirreno,
Cinelli Ram,
Deda Alanera

Record 04,
FSA Pro Superlite,
Look Ergo.

Cat Claw Brake?

These parts will go on either a C50 w/sloping geometry or Look KG486. I must make my decision in next few days but I am still struggling. I really like the way 486 looks but compared to C50 I somehow feel like I am taking a chance with a Look. Maybe it's because I've never had any experience with any Look. Any 486 owners? Help.
486.c50 - Carbon bitshudsonite
Nov 27, 2003 5:53 AM
The Look kg 486 and the C50 are very different bikes. I also looked at the Look 381i/481i. In the end I choose the 381 but is was real close between all three. It comes down to what type of riding you like. The 381i/C-50 are better long distance bikes. The 486 is the coolest looking and is a very good ride as well, just not the same comfort level of the c-40/50 on very long hauls. The finish on the new Looks is more refined than the Colnago's. But the Colnago's have the best looking paint job in the bike world. Up close, some Colnago's, not all, have small paint defects. You would be happy with either bike.

If you were to buy the Look kg 486, go with the Look seat post. It is a very nice post and the quality, finish and adjustments are excellent. Personally, the dealers don't have a problem with the post, so I would not worry about it too much. The riders I know that use it, also like it. No first hand experience with problems.

On a Colnago, I would match the seat post to either the Grouppo or the bar/stem combination. That is if you are going Record, get the 2004, (not 2003) record post. Or match the post to the stem/bar combination. (Deda, Stella Azzurra, ITM). At the end of the day, they all work, so it will come down to setback and the way it looks relative to the rest of the bike.

I use and like the Deda bars (they feel right for me), but my favorite are the Stella Azzura. They are well made and look great. You have to decide what feels best for you.

If you are going Campy, go with the campy carbon crank. If you are going Shimano, the FSA is very nice. I am not convinced that Look knows how to build cranks as well as FSA or Campy.

have fun shopping. lots of choices.
It'll be my first...6was9
Nov 27, 2003 9:37 PM
carbon frame. Since I have a colorful and comfortable steel Nag I am not necessarily looking for a long distance bike although comfort is always a good thing. Beside if I get a C50 it would be PR4 which is just black and white. My gut tells me that I should go with C50 but those 486's tubes looks so darn nice in shiny black....

Thanks for your input. My thoughts are pretty much in line with yours. I just couldn't find much or any review on many of the components I've listed.