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New Colnago frames on EBAY...(16 posts)

New Colnago frames on EBAY...mybike1
Nov 22, 2003 12:46 PM
I am very surprised to see some new Colnago frames on EBAY. One guys is selling one because of a shoulder injury and the other is a shop. If one was in my size I would consider it.
re: New Colnago frames on EBAY...rogue_CT1
Nov 23, 2003 11:57 AM
I don't think the prices are that good. They are selling a C-40 in my size (61cm) but the buy it now price is WAY more than the new C-50 I ordered.

If you are interested in a Colnago go to maestro or totalcycling. They have much better prices than anyone in the US.
re: New Colnago frames on EBAY...zippi
Nov 23, 2003 9:44 PM
they have better prices, but you get no warranty. trialtir will not warranty colnago's that don't come in to the u.s. thru them. you'll have to ship it back to maestro yourself, according to my lbs
re: New Colnago frames on EBAY...rogue_CT1
Nov 23, 2003 10:43 PM
So? Trialtir sucks to deal with according to my LBS and the shop in Indiana where I got my CT-1. They suck so bad in fact that he dropped his Colnago deal because of them.
Maestro on the other hand deals directly with Colnago and will even send back bikes for warranty work that he didn't sell.

Let's see- better prices and easier to deal with? I'll deal with Maesto over Trialtir anyday.
Trialtir is OKrussw19
Nov 24, 2003 10:42 AM
It was the Colnago distributor before them that sucked!

But Trialtir is OK, not great, but they don't suck either... at least not from my dealings with them.

Nov 25, 2003 6:19 AM
I called up Trialtir-USA and talked to a guy and he said that Maestro DOES NOT deal with Colnago directly. He said that only distributors deal with Colnago directly and that Maestro is shady! He said that Maestro doesn't even have all of the bikes he says he has in stock!

Sorry, but I would rather deal with a local guy who CAN get me product and WARRANTY it for me!
Nov 25, 2003 6:48 AM
What would you expect Trialtir to say? That's Maestro's a great place to buy and they only wish they could compete?

You would be willing to buy a second-hand C-50 on E-bay with no warranty, but unwilling to buy from Maestro?

Maestro charges about $1000 below the US retail for a C-50. They readily admit that they stock a very limited number of frames and it usually takes several months for them to fill a special order. As for waranty, it's only for materials and workmanship which you are extremely unlikely to need. If you damage the frame in a wreck, it will take many months to fix it, if it's even repairable. Doesn't matter where you bought it, the frames goes back to Italy for repair and you pay for it.
Maestro...before you judge them, talk to themhudsonite
Nov 25, 2003 10:26 AM
If you buy through Maestro, you are bypassing trialtir-usa. Why would they want to encourage you to bypass them? Why would they want to leave money on the table? There is no way they could say Maestro is great, as that would be cutting their own business.

Maestro is an authorized Colnago dealer in the UK. It is as simple as that. By buying a European bike in Europe, you are going to save money. The same way a European is going to save money if they buy a US bike in the US.

Some people are economic buyers and look to get the best value. Other buyers are looking for security and comfort. Pick one, because it is hard to have both.

But before you think Maestro is anything other than one of the best Colnago dealers in Europe, talk to them. They are great people, with a great product and great service. They can arrange for any paint job on any frame. I cannot think of how they could do that and be shady at the same time.
Maestro...before you judge them, talk to themmybike1
Nov 25, 2003 1:11 PM
According to the guy I talked to, Maestro IS NOT an authorized Colnago dealer. He gets his frames from like 5 or 6 different distributors! That doesn't sound like a square up guy. Sounds like he is shifting around to whom ever he hasn't pissed off recently!

And as for buying something off of ebay, I have never, EVER bought anything mail order or from EBAY! So, your point about me buying something off there is moot.

Also, if I ever did, I would make sure by using an escrow service. Also, I would buy it from a shop who was selling it where it would have a warranty of some sort. Or if the frame was brand new and never had a warranty card filled out, I would have the full warranty.

If I was looking for a bike, I would go to that country and by one instead of dealing only with someone over the phone. Especially if that guy is advertising that he likes discounting and not charging what he is supposed to!
Maestro...before you judge them, talk to themaltidude
Nov 25, 2003 3:45 PM
I think you need to seriously look at the title of your last post and take a bit of your own advice mate. You yourself are judging a guy having apparently never:

a) dealt with him personally
b) talked to him personally
c) experienced his services or products first hand

You make wild suppositions about his "supposed" relationships with dealers, him being "shady" etc... all based upon what? A conversation you had with the Colnago USA importer who has no reason to like the guy because he takes business away from them by selling to US customers at reasonable prices???

I bought an EOM 16.5 Ciocc frame from Maestro, paid over $800 less for it than what the US distributor retailed it for. The frame arrived with fork and headset in perfect shape in 2 1/2 weeks after clearing customs. 2 years later the frame rides as well as the first day I bought it. I saved a load of cash, got a great product, great service, including followup courtesy call from Maestro and have found Maestro to be a very reputeable business. But most important, unlike you, who seems content on defaming a persons reputation having had no personal experience with him, I have actually dealt with the guy, bought from him and seen what an honest seller he is.

You form an opinion about a business or a person by talking to a competitor of said business???? That's brilliant!! I hope you are not this stupid in the rest of your life or you are doomed for inevitable failure in your pursuits.
Maestro...before you judge them, talk to themmybike1
Nov 25, 2003 5:13 PM
Are you a Republican by chance?
Maestro...before you judge them, talk to themaltidude
Nov 25, 2003 7:00 PM
No, I'm someone who looks at idiots who defame others and their livelihood even though they admittedly have never dealt with them on a first hand basis. And I have this funny little habit of calling a spade a spade.

By the way, the Democrat party presidential candidates for 2004 so far look like the most pitiful collection of wannabees I have seen.
Maestro...before you judge them, talk to themmybike1
Nov 26, 2003 6:05 AM
So what you are saying is that ANYONE questioning things is an idiot. If that is the case, I am one. I believe in questioning things and finding out before I make a decision.

Sorry for being human.

I was relaying the information that I had recieved from not only Trialtir-USA, but from someone else who has dealt with Maestro(to very bad results).

I would prefer to buy one from a local store. That is my preference. Yours is to find the cheapest frame or parts instead of supporting your local businesses.

My local shop has a C-50 in his store and if I had bought it sight unseen, I would have sent it back! I thought it had flaws but according to Trialtir, that stuff I noticed is perfectly normal of Colnago frames.

Now, we can agree to disagree, OR, we can talk more about your experience was good and a friends was horrific. Either way, I honestly could care less. I wasn't even in the buying faze anyways. I was just making a comment about it being odd to see brand new frames on ebay!

By the way, it is Democratic, not democrat.

And I am guessing you are Austrailian by the way you write. Wrong or right?
Sounds interesting. Tell us more about the flaws. nmdivve
Nov 27, 2003 1:34 AM
Sounds interesting. Tell us more about the flaws. nmmybike1
Nov 28, 2003 2:25 PM
One frame had a huge paint f-up on the back of the seat tube. Another had overspray on a chainstay that was chromed. A C-50 had a bunch of paint or clearcoat flaws, I couldn't tell which it was. One had been touched up! The one that was touched up I saw taken straight out of a box and it came that way from Colnago!
I see...divve
Nov 29, 2003 1:37 AM
...what you mean. Actually, you see that in quite a few other luxury Italian products. Sometimes I wonder how they're able to maintain their heritage of good name....there must be many people out there who aren't as critical or simply don't know what they're actually looking at.