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One ring(4 posts)

One ringmacalu
Nov 19, 2003 7:44 AM
It started with my commuter bike: just riding on a single, 42-tooth chainring. I like not using the left shifter and have all the gears I need so I went to one ring on my other road bike. The only problem: I drop the chain to the outside when I move to the smallest 2 or 3 cogs (8 speed setup). I can keep this from happening by keeping the front derailler on as a chain guard, but I would like to remove it to save the weight and enjoy the look. Any thoughts on how to run one ring, ditch the front der, and keep the chain on?
Ask on the cyclocross board, you are looking forSpunout
Nov 19, 2003 7:53 AM
sets that come with new bolts, inner and outer guards, and you will be set.

Is a good place to start.
Ask on the cyclocross board, you are looking formacalu
Nov 20, 2003 6:56 AM
Thanks. This is a good site.
re: One ringdivve
Nov 19, 2003 8:12 AM
If the required distance isn't not too much (~1mm). You could try adding some spacers (shims actually) between the chainring and the spider, thereby increasing your chain line.