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Sanity check....(4 posts)

Sanity check....BrianU
Nov 18, 2003 4:47 AM
I am installing a new Ultegra bb and was going to install it just like the old one, but thought I would verify the correct installation. The bb assembly that contains the spindle does thread into the crank side? I am pretty sure this is correct and I am not even sure if I could install it from the other side anyway. Just want to double check, because I have found a few other issues that have made me think that it must have been the new guy in the shop that originally assembled my bike.

You are correct and could not install it on the wrong side...TFerguson
Nov 18, 2003 1:10 PM
There is an R and L with arrows on the label. Remember, the right side is reverse thread.

Sanity clause.....Alexx
Nov 18, 2003 5:32 PM
i "Remember, the right side is reverse thread"

Not if it is Italian threads!

"Aw, every-body-a knows, there aint-a no sucha thing as-a Sannity Claus"

i Chico Marx
If it's new, it should be marked anyways...russw19
Nov 18, 2003 10:42 PM
It should say <---L R--->
On the shell body. But it should also have a fixed cup side that will be permanently attached to the shell. It will be on the right/drive side. The adjustable cup goes on the left.

And Alexx is correct, you can do it wrong if your BB is Italian Threaded, because both sides would be right hand thread.