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The heck with eye candy, I need to buy fitness !(5 posts)

The heck with eye candy, I need to buy fitness !HouseMoney
Nov 17, 2003 9:47 AM
Last week I posted a few q's on how best to satisfy my upgrade-itis desires of a frivolous nature. With a decent CAAD5/Centaur 9 spd/Open Pro bike already, I didn't really "need" anything new & improved. Want?, yes, need?, no. After getting humbled this weekend on a group ride which was a step up in ability/distance, I've concluded improved fitness is more important than eye candy (as if I didn't already know that!).

I know that 1Up and Kurt Kinetic trainers get rave reviews, but my LBS carries Tacx trainers, and I'd like to support them if possible. There aren't that many reviews on Tacx. Would they be that much of a "step down" from 1Up/Kurt? (leaning towards Flow Ergotrainer w/ computer functions)

I'd like to retire my current rear wheel (centaur/op) to the trainer &/or a spare, so I'm looking at another wheelset. For the same $500± that I was looking to spend, what should I consider? I weigh betw/ 165-170, looking to race starting in '04. Open Pros again with better hubs, one of the Campy wheelsets, Ksyrium Elites?

Other than that, a heart rate monitor is on my xmas list. Thanks...
Well, geez, you say that you've seen the error of your sweet-bill
Nov 17, 2003 2:19 PM
eyetooth ways, and then you go talking about a wheel upgrade.
IMHO, the chi-chi wheelsets make you feel good. They address mental inadequacy issues. Don't get me wrong; I've got stuff for the mental inadequacy compensation. I've got a lot. And I know that's why I have it.
When you're talking bang for the buck, get great race tires and your bike will feel great. Great wheelset (over what you have), and you're back to eye candy. So many guys race and race well with equipt all over the map -- some on great stuff, some on competent but unglamorous stuff, some on plain mediocre stuff. The guy who won the Elite Amatuer Nationals RR won (on a hilly course) on his older steel LeMond, with mostly Ultegra stuff (I think some DA parts here and there, but, believe me, that's not why he won).
My favorite take on the subject was from a new member of our club who was talking about the bike she was going to get. Why, I asked, are you picking a Van Dessel? Because they look cool, she said. There is no better reason. She's right.

Get what blows up your skirt, but once you get past competent stuff, which is pretty far down the food chain these days, don't get it because the upgrade is "worth it." Only if it's worth it to you.
But you knew all that.
Kill joy ...HouseMoney
Nov 17, 2003 3:03 PM
I was just figuring that for my soon-to-be-new trainer, since I prefer to have a spare wheel anyway, I may as well "buy up" & consign my current wheel for the trainer.

far be it from me to kill joy, wherever it may lurk.bill
Nov 17, 2003 3:59 PM
Get the ksyriums. They are the bees knees -- bombproof, wonderful wheels. Would you notice the difference from a set costing half as much with your eyes shut? No. But are your eyes shut? No! So, pull the trigger. You just have to get used to the idea that you don't need an excuse other than that you want them, because there really isn't one.
It was all in the way you asked the question.
I was gonna say...shawndoggy
Nov 17, 2003 4:24 PM
get some cheapo wheels from Nashbar or Perf or chucksbikes to use on the trainer and spend the rest of the money on a coach, but you've got campy so there's no bargain solution there (ebay?).

But spending your TIME on focused training is going to make you way faster than spending your MONEY to save a hundred grams here or there.

D/K about Tacx, but the Tacx Ergo looks kinda cool cuz you can train with power -- you can set the computer to make you put out a set number of watts, and no matter how fast or slow you pedal, the resistance adjusts to keep your power output constant (the aforementioned coach will really like that).