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Crankset upgrade worthwhile?(9 posts)

Crankset upgrade worthwhile?greyghost
Nov 14, 2003 6:43 PM
I bought a used bike this last spring, a beautiful Co-Motion Custom (the fit is a rare fine for me at 6'7"). The bike appeared to be fully outfitted with Ultegra. However, I noticed this summer that the crankset is a Suntour Superbe. How much benefit would there be is upgrading to the current Ultegra crank?

As to my riding style-I live in the foothills of Mt. Ranier, so every ride includes serious hills. This summer I did a century and a double, and next year am looking into expanding to tri's and possibly a crit to spice things up some. How much difference would the increased stiffness of the splined BB make? Thanks.
re: Crankset upgrade worthwhile?glia
Nov 14, 2003 6:51 PM
Get an FSA Carbon crank. If you have lots of hills, get the compact version. It gives you a wider range of gearing. I assume we are talking double here?
re: Crankset upgrade worthwhile?asgelle
Nov 14, 2003 7:25 PM
If you want to change the gearing to compact it might make sense to change the crankset. Otherwise, there will be no functional difference. If you want to upgrade for aesthetic reasons, go ahead, but don't fool yourself that you'll feel the difference in the cranks.
re: Crankset upgrade worthwhile?djg21
Nov 15, 2003 6:36 AM
Maybe you should think changing the length of the cranks. If you are 6'7", you have long legs, and could easily use a 177.5 or 180 crank arm. I'm making the assumption that you Superbe cranks are 175s?). You will then notice a difference in functionality -- your cadence may be slightly off (with your leg length, you'll spin a longer crank just fine). You'll have noticeably more leverage while climbing. You may have to use a Dura Ace crank -- Ultegra is not made in a 177.5 or 180. But 9sp DA cranks can be found fairly inexpensively, and you can probabably find an 8spd very cheaply!

Note, you may have to change the bottom bracket too, if you go to a newer crank. An ultegra bottombracket (which can be used with DA) is inexpensive.
re: Crankset upgrade worthwhile?fallzboater
Nov 15, 2003 9:26 AM
The Suberbe (we used to say Super-Bee) is a nice crank, possibly nicer than an Ultegra. Don't upgrade unless you're going longer, or really trying to build a light bike.

I'd also recommend you try longer, though. I'm "only" 6'3" but have a 38" inseam. I've been using 180s on all my bikes forever. Unfortunately, the only semi-reasonably priced ones are Dura-Ace, Record Aluminum, and Truvativ Roleur. You'll need a new BB with any of these, too. I'd consider even longer if they were available (the custom cranks are expensive and heavy).

re: stiffness. Not much.MShaw
Nov 15, 2003 11:15 AM
I moved up to D/A splined a few years ago. The bb/cranks are a little stiffer than my square-taper cranks, but not enough to really make a fuss over.

If Campy is still making square-taper cranks, it can't be too bad...

If you really want to spend money on the bike, then sure go ahead. I'm not so sure that carbon cranks are anything but a looks thing. I haven't ridden them, so take my opionion for just that, my opinion.

See the current...........Mike Tea
Nov 15, 2003 1:35 PM
......VeloNews for a crank stiffness shootout. The new DuraAce come out the winner. There's nothing about Ultegra though. It's mostly the top carbon cranks.
ultegra or bustsoulsurfer104
Nov 16, 2003 10:49 AM
i recently dumped the p.o.s. FSA cranks on my giant roac bike for ultegra cranks and an ultegra bottom bracket, and the difference is night and day. stiff, pretty light, and very classy-looking. what the hell was shimano thinking when they made the new dura ace cranks? they look like they should be on a freeride or downhill bike.....theyre fat ang ugly. ultegra: stiff, light, stylish....perfection?
9 speed Dura Ace was much more"perfect" than Ultegra. (nm)zero85ZEN
Nov 16, 2003 1:58 PM