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2004 Dura Ace Crankset with Campy Drivetrain?(2 posts)

2004 Dura Ace Crankset with Campy Drivetrain?CrazyMan
Nov 14, 2003 9:09 AM
Hi All,
Looking to build up a new rig and was wondering about my crankset options.
The bike will be equipped with Campy Shifters and rear derailer.
The question is, can I swap around Cranksets / Chainrings / Front Deraillers.
I am not enamored with the Campy Crankset options due to their high weight and price.
I'm looking towards the FSA Compact (which I know can be used with Campy 10 speed), and also, the 2004 Dura Ace 10 Speed Crank.
The question is, Can I use the DA with a campy chain / FD, or use the Campy drivetrain with a Dura Ace Chain, etc...
In other words, can I use the Dura Ace Crank and bottom bracket on an otherwise Campy 10 equipped bike?
Any advice is most appreciated.
Yes, it will work!the bull
Nov 15, 2003 11:32 AM