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Dura Ace - Mavic Open Pro Wheel Weight(1 post)

Dura Ace - Mavic Open Pro Wheel WeightUncle Tim
Nov 11, 2003 8:32 PM
Just built a new front wheel with DA HB-7700 hub and Open Pro rim. Laced it 3X with 14-15 double butted spokes. I weighed everything very carefully before the build, making multiple measurements on two different triple beam scales.

Mavic Open Pro rim (silver): 436g (advertised at 425g!)
DA HB-7700 front hub - 377g w/ skewer (advertised at 378g)
32 14-15 dbl butted spokes, 296 mm: 214g (!)
32 aluminum nipples: 31 g

Total front wheel weight (no tape): 858g

The last DA- Open pro rear wheel that I built weighed in at 1053g. Total wheelset weight: 1,911g.