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Centaur 9 big ring compatible with Chorus 10 crank?(3 posts)

Centaur 9 big ring compatible with Chorus 10 crank?HouseMoney
Nov 11, 2003 3:17 PM
Thinking of gradually changing from Centaur 9 to Chorus 10. Up first is the crank & bb, but since the rest of the drivetrain will still be 9 spd (a few months longer, tops), I'll need to put a 9 spd big ring on the Chorus crankset, at least for the time being. Just wanted to know if I can use the Centaur big ring that's currently on the bike?

Also, Campy's website says a 10 crank with a 9 drivetrain is not compatible; Branfordbike's says it is if you add 0.4mm spacers betw/ the 2 rings. Which is it? I guess my other options would be to (1) do nothing or, (2) do the entire component swap in one shot.

do nothing....C-40
Nov 12, 2003 10:28 AM
Obviously, the easy thing to do is nothing. I seriously doubt that you will have a problem using the 10 speed crank with your 9-speed drivetrain. The big ring is just .4mm closer to the little ring.

Worst case, you could install the .4mm spacers, or use the Centaur big ring. Totally up to you. Either one will correct the spacing error.
Why don't you leave the Centaur crank for now?kilimanjaro
Nov 13, 2003 10:20 AM
I think the 9spd crank will work with 10spd rear. Check with Peter at In any event you only need to upgrade the outer ring. If you want to save money I beleive you can rebuild the ergo and convert the RD by changing the pulley as well. The FD should be identical for 9 and 10 sp. So the only "new" components you need is a new chain and cassette.

Of course all this goes out the window if changing from 9 to 10 is just an excuse to get Chorus.