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To build or not to build?(6 posts)

To build or not to build?B2
Nov 11, 2003 9:44 AM
I'm considering building a new wheelset with a little more emphasis on aero than weight. In addition, I would like to build the wheels with "off the shelf" componentry. These wheels are intended to be used as an every day wheel. I weigh 175 lbs to 180 lbs and I expect to put about 3,000 miles per year on them. I would like to keep the price tag under $500.

I've had a difficult finding any truly "aero" rims that you can purchase individually. The 38mm deep Zipp rims are 525g and set you back $320/each. Velocity Deep V's are 30mm deep and weigh 510g. They only set you back $46/each. The choice (for me) on this one is pretty obvious. Are there any other rims out there that are reasonably priced with 35mm – 40mm depth?

Wanting to stick with the "off the shelf" emphasis, I was planning on using Campy Record hubs. Even though I would like to get black hubs, the other hub options don't seem to add much value in comparison to Record hubs. Since the Record hubs don't come with anything less than a 28H drilling, that will be the minimum spoke count (perhaps just as well).

In reviewing the spoke options things get a little foggy for me. The bladed spokes intrigue me. The CX-Ray's (0.9mm x 2.3mm) and the DT Aerospeeds (1.2mm x 2.3mm) are about the same price. The DT Aerolites (0.9mm x 2.3mm) and CX-Rays appear to be similar in weight and strength (??), but the Aerolites are considerably more expensive. Based on this I'm considering the CX-Rays or the DT Aerospeeds. Does any one have any first hand experience with these spokes? If I went 28H front with 2 or 3 cross and 32H rear with 3 cross, would the CX-Rays be appropriate? Use the Aerospeeds for greater strength? Would I be foolish to reduce the rear wheel spoke count to 28? Bag the bladed spoke idea and just go with 32/3x DB spokes?

I believe that I'm looking at an 1800g wheelset (with skewers). Is this "aero" enough to justify the weight? Any suggestions on how to improve the build?

Thanks for your input,
You're on the right trackKerry Irons
Nov 11, 2003 11:09 AM
For the price, it's hard to beat the Deep Vs. You're paying about a 100 gm penalty over Aeroheads for each rim. The X-Ray's on a 28 spoke configuration should make a great wheel, getting as light and aero as you can and still being plenty strong. Getting aero and very light costs a lot of money, and involves switching to tubulars. There is not much in the Zipp that justifies the price premium. The downside to aero wheels is cross wind instability, and only you know whether this will be an issue for you.
re: To build or not to build?MShaw
Nov 11, 2003 5:25 PM
I've built up a set of Deep Vs for a neighbor. He had a 24/24 hubset from a tubular CXP30 wheelset that I sold him, except he decided that he wanted clinchers.

I haven't ridden them, but my neighbor really likes the wheelset.

Deep Vs can support a lot of weight with very few spokes. No need to go 28/32 unless you're a clydesdale. I'd say if you're looking for aero, go 24/28 or even 24/24. If you use the Am Classic high flange hub, you make the wheel even stronger 'cause the spokes aren't as long.

I've heard that D/A goes down to a 20-hole drilling. 9sp Shimano cassettes index with Campy 9 & 10. If you get D/A and a 10sp cassette, you're golden!

I laced the wheelset that I built radial/2x for the guy. He weighs between 170-180#.

The wheelset that I had (the CXP30s 24/24) was fine for me racing crits/fast training rides and I'm about the same weight as my neighbor.

IIRC, I used regular bladed spokes and had the hubs slotted with my build. I don't remember what spokes my neighbor chose when we were building his wheels, but I think they're just 14/15 butted.

I haven't been too impressed with Am Classic's micro front hub. I do, however, really like their old-style hubs.

CX-Rays are the best spoke on the market, use those. nm.russw19
Nov 11, 2003 5:26 PM
Record hubs/24 spokeslyleseven
Nov 11, 2003 9:35 PM
You can go with a 24 on rear. I am a small clydsedale and that worked fine for me with Velocity rims, White Hubs. These come in black. If you decide to use Record hubs, save some money and go with Chorus or Centaur. Very little weight gain, but money saved.
can do a search for Nimble..joe friday
Nov 16, 2003 12:21 PM
I hve no experience with them, but saw they offer
some light rims