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anyother Tubular rims available other than Reflex?(9 posts)

anyother Tubular rims available other than Reflex?853
Nov 10, 2003 10:22 AM
I want to build up a set of tubular wheels.
Is Mavic Reflex the only rim around?...seems to be the only one advertised.
Is there a more aero tubular rim that isn't carbon?
If so where do I shop for these?
They will be used as a racing set - I don't want to race wheels that I can't afford to replace (Zipp's). I did this, this year w/ a brand new set of Mavic SSC SL K's - ruined a brand new front wheel in a nasty pile-up. It won't hurt me as much to ruin a $60 rim.

Nov 10, 2003 11:46 AM
Less weight than the reflex. More aero. Cheaper. Aluminum.
Any shop can order them from Quality.
The only down side, is that they don't have eyelets. That makes them just a little harder to build. (Just a little)
Make sure you lube the nipps so that they don't bind when tensioning.
I think their web site is

One nice thing about them, is that they have the same ERD as open pros. If you crunch an open pro wheel, you can replace rims, and use the same spokes.
Aero or Normal, Usage and NOS rimsboneman
Nov 11, 2003 5:31 AM
Still in production-

The Sun's definitely easy to come by and is reasonably light and durable.

Ambrosio makes an aero tub rim called the Thesis at 450gr. IMHO their best tub rim is the Nemesis at 430gr and ridden by Musseuw in his last P-R win. They still make the Excellence (tub or clincher) and the Chrono. Amrosio distribution's poor in both Europe and the States. la Bicicletta in Canada usually has some available.

As far as I know, Mavic continues to make the CXP 30 aero rim as well as the Reflex but again, not easy to find.

FIR makes an aero model, the SRG 20 which I've never seen. The ST 120 is a very nice rim at about 420gr. Distribution in the States exists but you may have to order through your LBS.

As far as I know, Campy tub rims are no longer made.

There are also the usual exotics by Zipp and Corima.

There are lots of rims available NOS. Wolber made an aero rim called the TX, under 400 gr. Arya made an aero set at 350gr. Mavic's GP4's are old style (red-diamond or square label) at about 395gr and new style (blue/purple label) at 480 gr. The former's a great rim and there are still a lot available. The Mavic SSC is a heavy duty rim and still sought by pro mechanics for the P-R race. It's 400gr and slightly wider than the GP4. Campy rims, particularly the Omega and Sigma line are worth seeking. Wolber rims are basically the Super Champion line which they acquired and Aubisque and Aspin are good rims.

It depends on the usage and the wheel you're planning on building. Not all of the NOS rims are going to be as durable with the dishing required in a low count, 130mm rear wheel. An example would be the Martano's which have no ferrules and require the use of a washer with the spoke nipple. I have a number of Super Champion medaille d'Or rims at 260gr which were available when rear hub width was 120mm. You'd think twice, even with 36 spokes, about going to a 130mm build. If you're going to go NOS, ask around before buying.
can you still get Campy rims? nmDougSloan
Nov 10, 2003 11:51 AM
re: anyother Tubular rims available other than Reflex?MShaw
Nov 10, 2003 1:09 PM
Velocity still makes them. Try the Escapes for about $40.

I saw bunches of tubulars walking out of the swap meet yesterday at the San Diego Velodrome. There's still there...

Even better, if you look around, you can maybe find some more Zipps for "cheap." ... or NOS GL330s, or NOS Campy tubular rims, or... I've gotten a pair of NOS GL330s for about $40 for a pair on ebay. Heck, I saw (and bought)a Zipp 340 rim for $95 brand new last year.

Ambrosio probably sells tubular rims, but I don't know who'll carry them off the top of my head.

Try in Ireland, or in Italy too.

A lot availableMel Erickson
Nov 10, 2003 7:57 PM
Ambrosio, many models
Mavic GP4, Reflex
Campagnolo, several models

Do a search for tubular rim in
re: anyother Tubular rims available other than Reflex?Ye Olde Balde One
Nov 11, 2003 7:15 AM
FiR ST120 (400gm), Ambrosio F20 Crono (340gm) are two in production. I've also seen FiR Isidis (320gm), Quasar (380gm) and Alkor (280gm) available still, but NOS.

I got some Ambrosio Crono's last summer from my LBS.
Nov 11, 2003 5:39 PM
I have a set of 32h Reflex's on Record hubs and it's a super nice riding wheelset. Plenty light and very strong.
a bunch of them:DougSloan
Nov 12, 2003 9:51 AM