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Campy Pro-Fit pedal question. Part deaux.(6 posts)

Campy Pro-Fit pedal question. Part deaux.PaulCL
Nov 9, 2003 2:31 PM
I asked a question on this board a couple of weeks ago about taking one apart. To Kerry Irons, thanks for the input.

I took my pedals apart. Like Kerry wrote in reply, it was not a big deal to take apart, clean thoroughly, and reassemble. The darn things still don't work right. They release way too easily. I get inproper/false releases all the time. I barely have twist my foot off center on the right side to have it release. The left isn't much better.

A couple of things I have noticed:
1: Its' not the cleats. Because they work perfectly fine on my other bike with Veloce pedals. In fact, it is hard to enter/exit the pedals. The Veloce are much newer
2: Upon close inspection, it seems that the metal part of the cleat barely comes into contact with the metal spring of the pedal - hence the easy release.
3: Cranking the hex head nut to tighten the release does nothing. There is no affect positive or negative.
4: The base plate on the pedals each have two small flanges that protrude upward (take a hard look, they are there). The outer one on the right pedal is gone - cracked off. I somehow doubt this affects the action much as neither pedal holds the cleat well.

I checked Branford Bike's webpage for parts. I can get a complete rebuild kit for each pedal for about $80. I'm tempted to ask Santa for the rebuild kit - unless someone can give me some other ideas. Choice number two is to say 'the hell with it' and just use my Veloce pedals - 'cause I can't ride two bikes at once anyway!

Thanks in advance.
Get the ProFit kit!!Kerry Irons
Nov 9, 2003 6:02 PM
You say that having that little tab broken off can't be affecting the release. You couldn't be more wrong! Those tabs are there to prevent accidental release. When you're putting power to the pedals, those little ramps prevent the cleat from going sideways and releasing. Without the ramp, there's nothing to prevent a false relase. This detail is the key to your problem. Whatever it was you did to break this off may well have bent the other ramps as well. These ramps were highlighted as one of the key technical aspects of the pedals when they were introduced - you can't ride without them (as you are finding). Don't wait until Xmas - false release can be painful and dangerous.
Nov 10, 2003 6:37 AM
The devil is in the details. This doesn't explain why the left side releases too easily (no tab breakage). Could be that the left side is bent, who knows?? The plates are a relatively cheap purchase from Branford Bike. I'll order them today.

The idea of a false release while standing is a well...painful. Meanwhile, I ride the Tsunami with Veloce for a week or so....

Kerry...once again...thanks. Paul
Nov 11, 2003 6:50 AM
I had an email conversation with Branford bike. They suggested a new set of springs ($24 pair) as opposed to the complete rebuild kit. From their experience, this clears up the problem. They also said that pedal springs should be replaced every 10,000 miles. Since mine have 12-14,000 on them, I'm doing OK.

But, they do not stock and cannot get the flange plate. I'll have to email Campy to see if I can get one from them. Maybe I can keep my eye open on EBAY for a busted pair of pedals and just use the parts. who knows??

Thanks again. Paul
YMMVKerry Irons
Nov 11, 2003 11:43 AM
My springs have 46k miles on them with no problems. Springs, particularly springs of that size and strength, typically don't "wear out." If I had to guess, the reason replacing the springs works is because people take everything apart and clean it. My left pedal releases easier than my right, but I don't have problems as it still takes enough force.
OK..... ??? YMMV ????PaulCL
Nov 12, 2003 9:05 AM
YMMV...what does that stand for???

As for the problem...since it is bilateral, but the flange plate is only cracked on one side, I'm guessing that the springs are the only thing left. For $24, I'm willing to give it a shot. Since I have two sets of Campy pedals, I will (more than likely) need the springs someday anyhow. I'll post my experience once I install the springs.

Thanks again.