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Racing frame???(X-post on Racing)...(6 posts)

Racing frame???(X-post on Racing)...TFerguson
Nov 6, 2003 12:44 PM
I'm looking for a good crit/short RR racing frame that I can afford to crash. Size= about 56cm/medium. I'm thinking a 2-4 year old brutally stiff, all aluminum from the Far East. Giant OCR 1, Fuji Team, KHS Team/Flite 2000 come to mind. Any others? What other models of these would have the same frame? i.e. was the OCR 3 the same as the OCR 1 only with lower level components? Flite 1000= Flite 2000? I would imagine the lowest level model frame could be found cheaper even if it is exactly the same with a different decal.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

re: Racing frame???(X-post on Racing)...LC
Nov 7, 2003 11:33 AM
You also see alot of those old GT frames with the extra little triangle at the seat stays tied to the seat tube and top tube on the crit courses. I would imagine they are pretty cheap by now if you come across one since those along with something like the Schwinn FASTBACK are history.

Your thinking about it right though. Your only going to be on the bike for 50 min tops and comfort is hard to come by at 180+ BPM no matter what your riding. The likely hood of crashing if you race crits often is high.
Look for old Cannondales on ebaybimini
Nov 10, 2003 12:11 PM
I recall that Cannondale makes or use to make a Crit specific frame. Higher BB so less chance for the pedals to hit on hard corners. Also very stiff and agile manuverability.

There are some good deals on used Cannondales on ebay, the older ones have a reputation of being stiff and harsh so they can be had for less than many other road frames.
What is proprietary on C'dales?...TFerguson
Nov 10, 2003 3:31 PM
I'm always building, rebuilding and changing components on my bikes and have always been leery of Cannondale because of their use of non-standard components. Are all their BB shells non-standard? If I stay away from headshocks, do I have to worry about head tube size? Anything else?

What is proprietary on C'dales?...russw19
Nov 10, 2003 9:22 PM
Thought we were talking Cdale road bikes... if that's the case, any that use the Silk fork use a headshock. Headshock parts are actually pretty easy for a Cdale dealer to get. They still offer parts for older designs of that system.

As for the bottom bracket, if it has the Slice SI crank and bottom bracket system, then you have to use their bottom bracket. The nice thing is that it's really light. The bad thing is that it's proprietary, but uses readily available cartridge bearings from what I am told. (I don't know first hand, so that is regurgitated hear-say.)

As for the older Crit specific frames that someone brought up... those are really old now. The 3.0 and 2.8 series frames were their "crit specific" frames. The bottom bracket was the same as normal frames, but they had really short chain and seat stays with cantilevered dropouts to keep them short. Be careful with some of the 2.8 frames as the 93 and 94 frames came with their "Sub One" fork which was the first fork available with an alloy steerer tube. The catch was that it was threaded so they had to use a 1 1/4 inch headset and steerer tube. The headset isn't the problem, as you can use an older alloy threaded Shimano XT headset that is still pretty easy to find, but only one company made stems in road quill at that size. That was Control Tech. They made stems in that size for Cannondales with the Sub One fork and Burley and Santana tandems. But that was 12 years ago now, so they may be really hard to find still.

By the way, I have a stem for that bike if anyone needs one, but it's a 130mm.

You forgot to mention the 'Hiddenset'.TFerguson
Dec 4, 2003 2:48 PM