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ticking sound from cassette?(11 posts)

ticking sound from cassette?Ringos
Nov 2, 2003 2:24 PM
I am trying to identify an infuriating ticking sound which I think is coming from the cassette. The set-up is a Durace 9sp hub with a Campag 10sp drivetrain. The interface is an American Classic 10 sp conversion cassette.

The problem is a rhythmical ticking sound that appears when I am in the 3rd and, to a greater extent, 4th largest sprocket and the small chainring. It only seems to occur under load, and does not happen at all in any other gears. I have taken the cassette apart and put it back together again. The noise went away for a while, then started coming back around 100km later. The whole setup is very new - only 600km old.

Has anyone got any clever ideas on what the cause/solution might be?
Cassette spacing might be off, just a littleMR_GRUMPY
Nov 2, 2003 2:31 PM
I've never cared for aftermarket cassettes. Try to make very minor adjustments. The clicking may move to another cog.
Did you grease the splines on the cassette?Kerry Irons
Nov 2, 2003 5:49 PM
You might also try a thin film of grease on the spacer faces. Also accept that this noise could be coming from all kinds of other places on the bike. Just because it only occurs in two cogs does not mean it is the cassette. The fact that it only happens on the small ring may be another clue that it is something else.
Did you grease the splines on the cassette?Ringos
Nov 2, 2003 6:46 PM
good suggestion. My mechanic and I have been trying to solve this recently, and today he took it apart again and applied slightly more grease than last time to see if it makes a difference.

It is no longer ticking, but that is exactly what happened last time we took it apart and re-assembled it - fine for the first 100km or so, then the ticking reappeared. We took a closer look this time at the fit between the cogs and the splines. Cogs 3 and 4 seemed to be a bit looser on the splines than cogs 1 and 2, or 5+ (we're talking marginal, but noticeable difference). Perhaps it is a manufacturing issue relating to these two cogs, and every time we grease them it fixes the problem temporarily until the grease disperses again...?
Did you torque it to specification?Kerry Irons
Nov 4, 2003 5:27 PM
"Good and tight" is probably not tight enough. I'd double check that the mechanic used a torque wrench and took it to the proper setting.
re: ticking sound from cassette?kai-ming
Nov 2, 2003 6:06 PM
I have also had rhythmical ticking noise when at low gears climbing. However, my setup is full DA 9sp drivetrain. I cleaned and tightened up the cassette on the lock ring, the ticking is gone now. It probably is the noise at the faces between sprockets if it is not tightened especiaIly at low gear when the moment of force is great. That is resolved recently, I may have to give it more time for sure.
miracle solution for same problem...philippec
Nov 5, 2003 2:07 AM
I had the same problem, ticking from cassette in only 2 gear combinations... went the cassette dissasembly and greasing route but ticking would always return. Re-packed hubs and oiled freewheel, ticking still there! Re-installed bb and headset (you never know how sound might travel on a bike!), ticking still there! Re-installed/greased all chainring bolts, ticking still there! Finally, on the advice from some anonymous poster on this board, I tried dis-assembling and oiling my QR levers -- ticking gone and has never come back! Served myself a heapin' helping of humble pie and vowed to share this fix with all ticking-afflicted cyclists worldwide!

Hope this helps, tell me if it works.


miracle solution for same problem...Crankist
Nov 5, 2003 10:55 AM
I'm at stage 7 of your 8 stage repair plan for 2 ticking gears. What are you greasing on the skewers - the threads? Skewer faces?
miracle solution for same problem...philippec
Nov 6, 2003 1:56 AM
What I did was to undo the QR's fully, grease the threads, wipe down the faces and, most importantly, innundate the cam mechanism with light oil (chain oil) and work the cam back and forth to ensure that the oil penetrates fully. I even put a few drops in on the outside of the QR wherever the oil could work its way in. Wipe down and voila!

miracle solution for same problem...Crankist
Nov 6, 2003 6:47 AM
Thanks. Yet I'm left scratching my head as to why this would cure two ticking gears. My two are centered on the Chorus 12-25 cassette. The smaller cogs offer more leverage to the hub - if any they should be ticking. Anyway if this works I'll scream.
miracle solution for same problem...Ringos
Nov 6, 2003 12:02 PM
Fair to say I can't figure out why it would have any impact on the problem. Still, no harm trying - I will give it a go if/when the problem appears again.