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Campy pro-fit pedal maintenance(2 posts)

Campy pro-fit pedal maintenancePaulCL
Oct 29, 2003 8:40 AM
I should have done this months ago - but it's almost the off season now, so here goes. My pedals don't hold the cleats tightly enough - I unclip too easily even on relatively new cleats. Its' been suggested on this board that I might have a broken spring or just gummed-up works.

So, how do I go about inspecting and/or fixing the cleats? Do I remove the metal plate on the base of the pedal?? Is there anything I have to be concerned about popping out?? Should I buy replacement springs of some kind beforehand and ifso, which ones?? The pedals are three year old Record pro-fits with about 10-12,000 miles on them.

Thanks for the input.
Not much to themKerry Irons
Oct 30, 2003 4:48 PM
If you remove the base plate (screws) and the tension adjustment screw, you can get it all apart and clean things. There's only one spring that controls release and clicking in, and your tension adjustment serves to preload that spring. There's not much to get gummed up, and I would think that if the spring was broken, the pedal wouldn't work at all. A little tricky to reassemble, but not too bad. Cleaning, lubing, and reassemble seems like your best bet. My pedals release very easily, but do not result in false release. I consider this a feature.