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Hugi made Specialized freehub: changing spacing from 135(1 post)

Hugi made Specialized freehub: changing spacing from 135PT
Oct 26, 2003 2:52 PM
I was at the Veloswap in Denver yesterday and picked up a fair share of parts. The Specialized freehub (shown below) that is made by Hugi (dtswiss) was either a "find" or a "bust". I bought it knowing it was a 135mm spacing, but that I wanted to build it into a cyclocross wheel for my 130 mm spaced frame. I was convinced it was doable, but not told how to do it. I've fired off an email to dtswiss, but was hoping someone here would know what needs to be done. Also, I have the Spokecalc excel spreadsheet, but if someone knows what the measurements for this hub are when it's a 130 mm spacing (or even 135), it would be really usefull to have those figures to crosscheck my measurements.