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U.S.E post - carbon, ti, or al?(2 posts)

U.S.E post - carbon, ti, or al?fallzboater
Oct 26, 2003 7:09 AM
I'm going to need a low or zero-setback post for a new frame I'll have in a few weeks. I'm looking at the U.S.E ti or carbon posts for low weight and not totally outrageous price (wouldn't want to go any higher). This is for a compact road frame and I'll be running about 9" of extension from the top of the seat tube to the rails. I'm 185 lbs (6'-3"). I would go with the the carbon for slightly lighter weight and possibly more comfort, but am interested in recommendations between the carbon and ti or al, which I assume would be stronger and stiffer.

At my weight and this amount of extension, should I be at all concerned about the strength of the carbon post? Is it likely that it would feel too flexy?

If I went with the ti post, which is still pretty light, would I likely notice any more shock absorbtion than their al post, which is also pretty light, and quite a bit cheaper?

Any other recommendations? I've been using Thomson posts, which have a great clamp, but are heavier.

re: U.S.E post - carbon, ti, or al?Juanmoretime
Oct 26, 2003 9:18 AM

I ride Alien ti on all my bikes including mountain. USE recommends replacing the carbon post every two years, not much life for the money. The Alien ti's are almost as light and have a much greater life. If you constantly fiddle with your saddle, forget the Alien. They are difficult to adjust and the mounting bolts strip easily. I'm just a set it and forget it guy so the post is great for me, I also have a box of replacement bolts. I'm 6'2' and 175 and don't notice any flex. One post material from another isn't going to make much difference in the comfort of a ride, although tire do. Go with at least 23 and I find Michelin's give a very soft ride although I'm sure you will here from those that will differ from me.