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Viner road frames...any good?(3 posts)

Viner road frames...any good?took
Oct 24, 2003 4:32 PM
I have a friend that just toasted his serotta frame after trying to remove a frozen seat post (ouch) and he's looking for a lugged steel frame to replace it. Not much of a selection in this area now adays...but saw the viner lugged frames at GVH bikes for cheap. Anybody own one of these? Curious to find out about the general build and finish quality. Obviously it ain't no colnago, but are there blatently obvious reasons behing the low cost? (cheap paint, sloppy welds, etc.) thanks!
re: Viner road frames...any good?DINOSAUR
Oct 25, 2003 6:50 AM
I think Viner has been kicked around this forum before. GVH Bikes is the importer for Viner, I've never seen them offered anywhere before. I have not read anything bad about them. You might consider calling Gary Hobbs and talking to him. He can also get ahold of just about anything you friend would be interested in. I've never done business with GVH Bikes, but I've eyed his website many times..
re: Viner road frames...any good?peter108
Oct 26, 2003 5:17 AM
I have a Viner competition and I like it. As for why it is so much cheaper than a Colnago, I'm sure the fact that Colnago's name isn't on the bike helps keep it lower in cost. The lugs look fine, not sloppy and the paint is vibrant however it chips easily. It rides nice but not as good as some other more expensive steel bikes I've ridden (in fairness the more expensive ones had different tubing than my Viner which also accounts for the lower cost of the Viner). I bought mine through GVH as well and I'm looking to sell my frame because I need to get rid of one of my bikes. If your friend is interested it's a size 51 cm (52.5 T.T.). He can e-mail me at if he's interested. I'm looking to sell it with the headset,fork,stem and bars too.