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ITM The Bar: a good choice?(1 post)

ITM The Bar: a good choice?t5rguy
Oct 24, 2003 2:12 PM
Couldn't find it in Reviews. This bar weighs in at 195 grams, only 10 more than my Kestrel SL carbon bars. I'm collecting parts for a yet to be built superlight-but-steel bike. Got the Alpha Q Sub 3 forks already and I'll mate the bar to a Grammo ti stem.
Will the above mentioned combo work? My concern could be lack of stiffness of the bar, as the stem is not superstiff (but beautiful!) already. In theory this could make for so-so handling.
BTW: no races and certainly no sprinting anymore for me (never sprinted anyway!). But climbing: yes.
Thanks for any firsthand experience!