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in ref to my Ksyrium SL or hand built post....Speeddreams?(7 posts)

in ref to my Ksyrium SL or hand built post....Speeddreams?K-Man
Oct 23, 2003 10:11 AM
In reference to my post below on "04 Mavic Ksyrium SL or hand built set". I have gotten some good responses and did some research and think I found exactly what I have been looking for: Dave's Speed Dreams. Wheel set uses Velocity Aerolites, Sapim CX-Rays and White Industry LTA hubs. Weights are 580 grams front & 810 grams rear (Total 1490 grams), price is $529. This I would use as an all purpose wheel set to train on and possibly race. Figure after I sell the Mavics I would break even (shipping) if not a little on the positive side.

What do you think?

Also any thoughts on if I should go all black or all silver?

Thanks for all the help
Id go with 24h front, 28 rear myself.ekdave
Oct 23, 2003 10:41 AM
But then again, Id never bother with aero spokes on any rim under 30mm.

I think he builds a supreme quality wheel. But 18 fronts just wont cut it for daily use. 18 fronts with a deep rim (deep V, cxp-30, etc) maybe....but not with a relatively flexy 25mm deep rim. With that rim, id see if he can do 24 front, 28 rear. couple extra grams, whole lot more durability, better handling.
Comment & possible suggestion....DaveLobster
Oct 23, 2003 1:41 PM
I think that the Speeddreams sound pretty good, but I too would be concerned about having only 18 spokes up front and 24 in the rear. Otherwise, I like the build - White LTA's are great, Sapim CX-Rays are the best, and Velocity rims are good stuff (the only 25mm rim that Velocity makes is the "Fusion" so that is what I presume these wheels are made with).

If you are entertaining suggestions, take a look at Mike Garcia's wheels built with Fusion rims which have a lot more spokes (24/28), weigh only 20g more, and cost $150 less ( Now you don't get the beautiful handmade WI hubs, or the CX spokes, but Mike could probably get either or both for you if you had to.

Also, congratulations on being able to think past the marketing. Custom is really the way to go. -Dave
A question reguarding Rim Selection.....KMan19348
Oct 23, 2003 5:43 PM
Dave's Wheelset is built wit the Velocity Aerolite which is a 21mm rim....weight of the rim is guestimate at about 400 grams per his website. What would be the Pros/Cons of using the Fusion 25mm rim? Weight is a bit more @ 475 grams each. What is the benifit of using a 25mm over a 21mm rim?

I also talked to Dave this evening and he said a 18/24 spoke build would be fine for my weight. He has 200+lbs guys riding the wheels with no problems what-so-ever. Should I "definately go with the added spokes or...?

I understand what I need to use on MTB wheelsets, but not on a road wheelset.

Thanks for your great help.
From Dave's site & more wheel thoughtsDaveLobster
Oct 24, 2003 5:51 AM
The description of the wheels you are interested in states: "At our request Velocity has designed a 2.5mm deep rim that is a paragon of strength, stiffness, and light weight (465 gms)." Sounds like the Fusion to me.

If Dave specifically told you that he was going to use a 21mm deep 400g Velocity rim, then he is substituting the Aerohead rim, which is a very popular rim, and one I have had two sets of with no complaints. As a custom builder he can make the wheels with any rim. I recall not too long ago he made
these same wheels with Sun Venus rims.

As far as the spoke count, I can only tell you this. Wheel weights are the sum of the weight of the hub, the spokes and nipples, and the rim. To lower the weight, you have to reduce one or more of these. But to have fewer spokes, you usually have to use a sturdier (heavier) rim.

I personally would rather go with a lighter rim and more spokes, but others on this board like the low-spoke wheels. As far as having it both ways, using a light rim and low spokes, I wouldn't do it unless the wheels are for racing or special occasions only.

As an example of "having it both ways", Velomax makes a 1420g wheelset by pairing the lightweight Aerohead rims with an 18/24 spoke count (, and apparently they hold up pretty well. So it all depends on how much you are willing to risk to save a few grams.
Speeddream yes, LTA noYe Olde Balde One
Oct 24, 2003 6:02 AM
I wouldn't go with the LTA hubs. A lot of Lew owners have had problems with not being able to adjust those hubs, and they apprear to be notorious for having a lot of slop. I suffered from this problem myself, and my mechanic said I wasn't alone.
Speeddream yes,lyleseven
Oct 24, 2003 10:17 PM
I am a 215 lbs. rider using Dave's Wheels, Fusion, White hubs, and only 18 spokes on front. No problems, great wheels!