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Help with slipping seat post.(4 posts)

Help with slipping seat post.ArvinC
Oct 22, 2003 9:56 AM
Hello. I have a Kestrel Talon with the stock (heavy) areo seatpost. I do believe that the post is made of aluminum. I have had the worst time with it slipping, even with the seatpost binding bolt fully tightented. I cleaned out the seattube and made sure the post was lube free as well. I have since resorted to taking strips of heavy-weight paper and adding them as sort of a shim to help prevent the slipping. This has helped a lot, the seatpost no longer "slams" down during rides, but I believe that some slow slippage is still occurring. I'd really like to keep the post as is, since it really looks great with the bike. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!
Post too small?Kerry Irons
Oct 22, 2003 4:26 PM
It sounds like your post is too small for your frame. Double check the ID of the frame and the OD of the post. I'm guessing that the post slides into the frame with virtually no pressure, and maybe you can even wiggle it a little in the frame. It should take some force to put the post in. Otherwise, you may need to clean/grease the threads on the clamp bolt, and check that the bolt is not bottoming out before the clamp is cinched down fully. The last resort if you don't want to get the right size of post is shims. Try cutting up a Coke can - this will be much more durable than your paper shims. Plus, you can roughen the aluminum with sandpaper for extra grip. and my LBS think alike!ArvinC
Oct 23, 2003 6:07 AM
Hello and thanks for the reply. My LBS mechanic just suggested shimming the post with a aluminum strips...from a soda can!

He said that although the frame and seatpost were "made" for each other, he thinks that the interior "finishing" must be off causing the seat tube to be a bit too big.

At any rate, he thinks shimming it with the aluminum strips is the easiest and best way to go.

Thanks for the info...have to go and finish off a Red Bull... ;)
re: Help with slipping seat post.insmanblue
Oct 23, 2003 7:56 PM
I also have a Talon that had post slipping problems. I however did not go with the Kestrel areo post because it is way too heavy about 3/4 lbs. What worked for me was to cut a couple strips of rubberized material ie. shelf liner and it works like a charm. The rubber grips both the post and the frame preventing the post from slipping.

A little off the subject, do you get any rattling caused by the cable hitting the top tube?