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Any Carbon road bar safe to use with single bolt stem face?(4 posts)

Any Carbon road bar safe to use with single bolt stem face?Coolhand
Oct 22, 2003 7:11 AM
Have a nice custom Seven Ti road stem and wanted to move up to a carbon road bar. To any makers allow that or am I stuck? The stem is not oversized- just regular.

I am riding a 3-4 year old Cinelli Nerve bar, and would like something a little lighter.

re: Any Carbon road bar safe to use with single bolt stem face?russw19
Oct 22, 2003 7:32 AM
I wouldn't suggest it. Carbon bars are ideal with 4 bolt stems because they spread the clamping load over the 4 bolt face of the stem. With one single bolt you are likely to apply too much force at the clamp and pinch the carbon. Another problem you may run into is that you really shouldn't scratch carbon. With a 2 or 4 bolt removeable faceplate, that isn't an issue during instalation. With a single bolt non-removeable stem, you may scratch it and weaken it when putting it on.

My advice would be for you to get a nice light aluminium bar. Deda's 215 is available in your size and is about 220 grams. The ITM Millenium is only 200 grams and about what you would get with a carbon bar. I would go with one of those instead.

re: Any Carbon road bar safe to use with single bolt stem face?t5rguy
Oct 22, 2003 8:00 AM
I think it is no problem. I have a Kestrel EMS Pro SL bar, fitted with a Cinelli Grammo ti stem. The stem slipped on perfectly, no question of scratching anywhere. The way the ti of the clamp is flexing to hold the bar should even out the prssure IMO. More so, the Kestrel installation instructions do not say anything about the type of clamp. They do speak of 'spreading the clamp', which seems to indicate that they were at least thinking of a single bolt type clamp!
Check with the manufacturerpmf1
Oct 22, 2003 9:08 AM
The instructions on my Easton bars said nothing about that. They did warn not to use clip-on aero bars.

I'd guess that if you can do it with an aluminium bar, you can do it with a carbon bar. Carbon is just as strong as anyhting else.

I really like the Easton bar I got. Its got a nice ride and its a lot stiffer than the TTT Prima 199 I was using. Its got a really nice shape too. Very comfortable. You'll like it.