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Broken stem bolt(3 posts)

Broken stem boltsuperdog
Oct 21, 2003 7:54 PM
I'm ashamed to say I broke one of the four titanium clamp bolts on my Deda Newton stem. I knew I should have purchased a torque wrench. Now the question is, can it be fixed or do I need to sell this stem on eBay? Just kidding, I wouldn't really sell a busted part.

I have not taken the stem apart yet so I don't know what my options are. The bolt just turns without tightening or loosening. Do the threads in the stem strip or do the bolt threads strip?

I am going to the hardware store tomorrow to buy steel bolts. Anybody need three titanium bolts?
It is probally stripped in the stem.the matador
Oct 22, 2003 3:50 AM
You should leave the bolts that are not stripped alone.
You can tap the stripped one to the next largest size but the diameter of the bolt might not fit through the cap of the new stem.
You are then going to have to drill a larger opening in the cap.Is there a washer in there too, as well?
Now the new question is how strong is the stem going to be now that all this tapping and drilling has been performed. Stems today are pretty under built. Esp the Deda Newton. They have milled away any extra alloy and probally dont give a lot of room to play around. If it were me, I would just call it a lesson well learned and get a new stem.
re: Broken stem boltBroomwagon
Oct 22, 2003 11:46 AM
Chances are that you stripped the bolt rather than the stem. I did the samething with my ZeppXL stem a while back. It came with two Ti bolts and I accidentally stripped the bottom bolt while tightening. I've since bought a torque wrench.

Just go to your local hardware store and buy new steel bolts. Shouldn't cost much more than a buck or two. Insert the new bolt and if it keeps turning, then you'll know that you stripped the stem, but the chances are that you stripped the Ti bolt.