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Evaluation of Used Bike I Bought(9 posts)

Evaluation of Used Bike I Boughtberny8888
Oct 18, 2003 11:29 PM
Hi Everyone,

I'm a newbie and I would like your comments about the Trek 2300 bike I bought. It's a 1996-1997 model (seller says it is).

1. It has Shimano 600 components on it? Are these decent? I tried looking for them at, but they're not listed anymore. Are these parts the older version of Ultegra parts?

2. It has a carbon fiber frame, but alumninum fork. Is this good or bad? I read mixed reviews about carbon fiber frames.

3. Also, the rims are Matrix. 700 x 20c I looked in the forums and these don't seem to exist anymore. However, the rims indicate that they were made in USA. Are these good or should I replace them?

4. The gear shifters are the old style - located on the middle of the frame (vs. shifting from the brake levers) One wire seems rusted, but still strong tension. Should I replace these?

5. Overall, it looked pretty good and I rode it and it feels good as well. I paid 240 bucks for it. It also has the triathalon-type arm rests on it. Was it worth it or did I get ripped off?

Your help is much appreciated. Also, I apologize for not using proper terms. I'll learn soon enough.

re: Evaluation of Used Bike I BoughtBirddog
Oct 18, 2003 11:45 PM
I'm not that familiar with Trek, but your bike is possibly older than the seller says. Personally, I dislike aluminum forks, but others don't seem to feel the same.
Shimano 600 is the forerunner to Ultegra
How many gears do you have?, 7 or 8?
Those armrests are called aerobars. If the bike is the right size for you, you weren't hurt too bad, but you didn't exactly score either.
re: Evaluation of Used Bike I Boughtberny8888
Oct 19, 2003 3:44 PM
I have 7 gears and the rim say shimano..the axle part of ther rim.
re: Evaluation of Used Bike I BoughtBirddog
Oct 19, 2003 4:46 PM
Then I'd guess it's 91 or 92 vintage.
re: Evaluation of Used Bike I Boughtberny8888
Oct 19, 2003 6:38 PM
I have 7 gears and the rim say shimano..the axle part of ther rim.
I think you did alright!Dorf411
Oct 19, 2003 7:58 AM
Provided it fits fine and the bike isn't all beat up nor look like it was left outside for a long time that is a very good value. I would date it to earlier in the 90-93 time frame. I sold my Trek 1200 bonded aluminum for $225 and saw one go on Ebay for $385 both of which had RX-100 components which is a good couple steps down from 600. I had lots of miles 15,000+ on my RX100 components and they still worked great. Enjoy the bike.

only if.....Rusty Coggs
Oct 19, 2003 8:11 AM
it isn't beat and he does not replacae everything on it. the downtubes could make it earlier as you say and possibly 7 speed. My 2100 was the same frame but with a mix of 105/rx-100 and 7 speed downtube.
You got a good dealbimini
Oct 20, 2003 5:58 AM
A guy I ride with has the bonded carbon 2300 and he has had good luck with it. He rides 8-10K a year and the bike has held up well. There are some reports of the glue giving on the Carbon to metal joints, so check those joints closely for signs of looseness or give.

Check the alluminum fork closely also for signs of cracking or damage. Some brands of AL forks were recalled due to sudden failures.

Replace the cable or cables and lube everything up. You may want to repack the greese in the hubs if you are handy.

I would not spend a lot on upgrades. Ride it until you gain experience and fitness. Once you get the bug you will probably want a newer bike with index shifting, you can spend more than a new bike on upgrades and still not have a new bike. If you go for the new bike down the road save this one for your foul weather bike.
re: Evaluation of Used Bike I BoughtLC
Oct 20, 2003 10:07 AM
1. 600 components are next to the best you could get at the time.

2. CF frame with a aluminum fork is a nice soft ride, but may not be suitable for racing since the fork may flex too much when pushed hard into a corner. The frame joints may become unglued one day, but that day may be far quite far off depending on how many miles the frame had previously.

3. Rims are ok, but you might want to go to 23mm tires when those wear out.

4. Down tube shifters pretty much work forever and once you get used to them you won't really think about the shifting much anymore. Replace that rusty old cable.

5. If you not using the arm rests (and I would suggest you do not use them for safety reasons) then take them off. My guess without actually looking at it is that you paid about what the bike is really worth so you got a fair deal.