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Trainer-to-tire adjustment?(3 posts)

Trainer-to-tire adjustment?owmynads
Oct 18, 2003 5:06 PM
Last year, I bought a Blackburn TrackStand (mag) trainer at the end of the season from a friend. I put my bike on the stand this year and smoked a Conti 3000 GT. The tire was *sticky* when I took it off the trainer. I get the idea that I didn't adjust the tension of the roller mechanism (terminology?). The thing didn't come with a manual, nor does my buddy have one. I can't find it online, and I understand that Blackburn has gone under. Is there a general rule for adjusting the tension of the [mechanism]? Tire pressure?

Thanks for helping a noob.

re: Trainer-to-tire adjustment?charlieboy
Oct 20, 2003 4:17 AM
Not familiar with your trainer, but I assume from your question that it does not have a flick on adjustment, but rather something you tighten to compress the tire to the roller....

sticky tires may arise from low inflation; keep rear tyre inflation constant - say 100 psi

adjustment is largely a matter of trial and error for me, but it is nice to have the same settings from one session to the next... set adjustment by trying one or both of the following...

'slippage test'... hold flywheel and try to rotate wheel by gripping wheelrim behind contact with roller and giving it a reasonable yank backwards - MIND YOUR FINGERS. If it slips more than a couple of centimetres it is too loose - if you can't shift it at all it might be too tight. This of course may not be possible with a covered fan or flywheel.

run down test... this one depends on the level of resistance you have set, and so requires some judgement! At the same resistance and in the same gear each time, get up to about 80 rpm for 30 seconds or so, freewheel/coast and then time how long it takes for the rear wheel to stop spinning. If it grinds to a halt immediately its probably set too tight on a fearsome resistance - if it goes on for ever screw it down more. Use this time every time you set up the trainer.

Happy spinning
re: Trainer-to-tire adjustment?owmynads
Oct 21, 2003 4:15 AM
Thanks for the reply, Charlie! I definitely can't afford to go through tires like this. Yours seems a logical enough approach.