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Xcross bike using shimano &Campy shift/cogs/hubs-HELP(3 posts)

Xcross bike using shimano &Campy shift/cogs/hubs-HELPTommasini1
Oct 13, 2003 6:55 PM
Has anyone done something similar such that I can learn from your trial & error.......I've got a long retired rigid fork'd 7 speed mtn bike that I'm considering reserectcing as a cyclocross/salt-n-snow/spring LSD rain bike (w/road bars). Can you help me spec what I can use or need to buy: Currently it is Shimano 7 speed w/older XT 7 speed mid cage rear der, DX mtn shifters, DX 7 spd rear hub. I also have a 8/9 speed older record rear derailleur that could figure in.....7 speed stuff is so rare I think I should move a to more gears just to get more selection of parts plus since I'd like to buy road bike brake/shifter levers I probably need to think in terms of the narrower gaps between gears and more cogs that they were designed for. I believe that if I'm going from 7 speed to more gears I probably need to replace the cassette while I'm thinking I should shoot for 9 speed as that was where Campy (der) and Shimano (cogs) had similar spacing...or would my old XT rear der. still have enough travel (the record will have enough capability for the gears I'll use). Have nay of you tackled something similar? Also - where are the best sources for freehubs so I can make sure I can even go up a few cogs. Are there any other off-the-wall shifter/der/cassettee combo's you could enlighten me to - THANKS!!!
re: Xcross bike using shimano &Campy shift/cogs/hubs-HELPRusty Coggs
Oct 14, 2003 6:31 AM
Anything is possible if you know all the ins and outs of compatibility. But you don't and would likely end up throwing time and money down a rathole. Shimano 9 cog spacing is 4.34mm and campy 9 is 4.55 for starters. Campy RDs and shimano shifters are generally not compatible,except in cases of serendipity where mismatches can cancell each other out.
re: Xcross bike using shimano &Campy shift/cogs/hubs-HELPMShaw
Oct 17, 2003 9:36 AM
You want an easy out? Run Suntour barcons with your current drivetrain and call it good. Actually and bar-end shifters would do OK in friction mode if you can't find some Suntour shifters. This is a winter/nasty weather bike, right? Why muck about with touchy stuff when barcons are bulletproof.

Depending on what size the frame is, you may end up running a very short stem with your road bars. Measure your current road setup and mimic that on the mtn frame. Mtn frames generally have a little slacker angles and longer TTs for their sizes, so pay attention.

Heck, your LBS may very well have a pair of old 7sp barcons floating around in the back somewhere looking for a new home... Try them.

Some of the best cross tires for a mtn sized wheel were Specialized 1.7s that you'll have to go digging for... Faiing finding them, look for the narrowest things you can find with a little tread. Try Conti too.

That help?