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Cyclocross Wheel Build ? : Radial, 1x, or 2x for 165 pounder(3 posts)

Cyclocross Wheel Build ? : Radial, 1x, or 2x for 165 pounderSwat Dawg
Oct 12, 2003 9:56 PM
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I am building up a cyclocross front wheel for this winter but I'm not sure how I should build it up. I will use the wheel also for offroad riding. I want to make sure the wheel will be very durable. I am trying to decide what lacing pattern would be best. I weigh 165 lbs and ride sort of hard, I guess I should say I'm not going to be smooth since this is my first cross experience. The rim btw is a Velocity Deep V, and the hub is Dura Ace. Also, is there a best type of spoke to use (Bladed, DB, straight guage)? Thanks for the advice.
For reliability go with 2 x or even 3 xbimini
Oct 13, 2003 6:12 AM
The 3x pattern gets the spokes at a tangent to the hub which does a lot in regards to absorbing shock. It will result in a much more reliable wheel and less shock being transmited into the hub, bike and rider. (softer ride).

The weight penalty is minimal, at your weight you can probably get away with a modest amount of butting in the 2-3X pattern.

Since you are using a Deep V, aero must be a concern, bladed may help a little if your speeds run over 20 MPH for significant periods.

I use radial front on one set of my road bike wheels, I can feel the difference vs. the set with the 3X pattern on rough roads. I am careful with them on RR tracks and curbs, I could not imagine running them off road.
For reliability go with 2 x or even 3 xjoe friday
Oct 14, 2003 7:12 AM
this interests me too, because i'm about to build up
a 24h front with a very light rim and was going to use
radial but am new to road riding and prefer to ride over
imperfections in the road rather than ride in the "lane"
because of traffic, now i worry that radial will be too
stiff for the rim? More confusing is that i've built and
ridden for this whole season a 32h mtn. front with radial
lacing and no problems at all.