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Help with broken record lever(4 posts)

Help with broken record leverThe Human G-Nome
Oct 11, 2003 12:57 PM
Today, the left record lever that moves the chain from small to big ring just snapped off. No crash, no contact, no undue stress. It just snapped. Does anyone have any idea whether this item is covered under warranty? Regardless, what is this item called and can I readily find the Chorus version on the net? If so, where?

Thanks for your help.
Oct 11, 2003 3:26 PM
The website has a complete list of all parts. Campy has a 3-year warranty on oll components. Unfortunately it's not quick or easy to take adavantage of it. The warranty requirements are clearly spelled out in the literature included with the levers. You must have a sales receipt and an authorized dealer must send the lever in for repair. You also have to include a letter describing the problem.

I got free repair on a Record Ergo lever, but it tooks three months to complete the process. I bought a new pair of levers before removing the old ones, so my bike wouldn't be out of service.

An aluminum chorus shift lever would look odd if you have carbon Record levers.

Any authorized dealer (LBS) can order campy replacement parts. Whether they have the skill and patience to install them is another question.
www.campagnolo.comThe Human G-Nome
Oct 11, 2003 5:29 PM
An aluminum chorus shift lever would look odd if you have carbon Record levers. >>>

I agree, but at this point it's function over style. i definitely can't afford to wait 3 months before given the use of my small or big ring. hating expensive repairs. ah well. thanks for the response. i've sent an email to GVH (where i bought the gruppo) so we'll see what Gary says. hopefully, it's positive.
re: Help with broken record leverRon L
Oct 16, 2003 10:57 AM
Campy set up Pro-shop warranty locations with dealers around the country. The turn around is very fast, at least coming from Campy. You have to go thtough a shop to start the process.
I'm one of the Campy Pro-Shop warranty locations. Campy is located a few miles up the road.
email me
I'm sure I can get your lever back in the mail to you within two days after getting it.
If you decide to send it, email Dave Thile( and tell him you are sending your lever to Rose Canyon Cycles in San Diego
I'll give you the address when you e-mail me