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Installing older Alpha Q fork(3 posts)

Installing older Alpha Q forksgmidf
Oct 6, 2003 5:54 PM
I went over to help a friend build up a bike with an older Alpha Q fork. The parts were stripped off the frame and fork by someone else. The fork has the threaded aluminum sleeve swithout a starnut installed, but we can't locate the cap and it obviously isn't the standard starnut. Can someone point me to instructions for this install? Where can you get the cap?
Thanks, please email. I tried true temper and they couldn't help.


I posted this on and it was suggested that I try here too.
I'm confused,TJeanloz
Oct 7, 2003 6:59 AM
What is the threaded aluminum sleeve that you are referring to? If it has a threaded steerer - likely steel, than it is not designed for a threadless system (i.e. starnut).

My guess is that this is a threaded steerer, for a quill-type stem.
re: Installing older Alpha Q forkt5rguy
Oct 7, 2003 7:49 AM
I guess you mean the alloy sleeve that you have to glue into the carbon steerer tube, once you've cut that to size. Then you screw the bolt + cap into the sleeve to tighten the headset. Does away with either starnut or expanding plug.
I assume the sleeve is firmly glued into the steerer, and that the length is what you want. Get a starnut + topcap assembly, any will do. Now you only need to throw away the starnut itself, and use topcap and bolt.