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Bike build project(9 posts)

Bike build projectpedalAZ
Oct 3, 2003 7:42 PM
Here's the bike build I am working on. The frame and components have finally all arrived. I should have pics in a week or two after getting everything put together and dialed in.
looking good... re: Bike build projectcharlieboy
Oct 4, 2003 2:32 AM
That looks great - good luck.

Are you brave enough to itemise the cost as well?;) and what's your racing weight?
Cost? Banish that thought!pedalAZ
Oct 4, 2003 2:07 PM
Strong, light and cheap, pick any two. I picked mostly strong and light on this job. Yeah, it hurts the wallet, but most of that stuff will last a while, excepting primarily the cassette(s).

I raced today in a Fat Tire off road triathlon at 170 lbs, finishing 15th out of about 200. Not too bad for 46 yrs old, eh?
re: Bike build projectJuanmoretime
Oct 4, 2003 3:32 AM
Some great choices although there are a couple that really are giving up long term reliability for weigh and a couple of better choices to be made. I would use a Dura Ace cassette and leave the X-1's alone. I would use an alien titanium post and Performance Luna light tubes and Michelin Pro Race lights which would have you lighter than you are now and have decent cassette life, acceptable tire wear and longer pedal life. It appears that you must do a lot of climbing from you component selection and I wouldn't want that aluminium on the pedal fatiguing and letting go while I'm climbing. I use all the above components and they are awesome. Granted the alien ti post is finicky to set up, it's 153 grams verses 224. The tubes are 98 grams verses 140 and the tires are 380 verses 439. That's over 200 grams of savings and you would be adding back 17 grams on the pedals and another 90 grams on the cassette (guess)and still come in almost a 1/4 pound lighter than your current build.

My .02 cents.
re: Bike build projectglia
Oct 4, 2003 9:05 AM
I have been using Continental supersonic light tubes at 50g each for a while without any problems. I have them with Veloflex Pave tires (180g) and haven't had any flats despite rough roads. That another 100g savings. Also, Albert Bold makes great skewers that are only 49g. The BTB cages are a great choice and has them fro $50 a pair. They are 15g each and look pretty cool. Importantly, they actually work well also. As to Alien seatposts, I have the Aero (165g Medium) and I love it. The clamp is not nearly as bad as people say. If you can build a bike, you can mount a seat. So that's my 2cents..
Thanks GliapedalAZ
Oct 4, 2003 2:03 PM
Yea, I'm getting the bottle cages and the other BTP components from Mike.

I'll check out those tubes, too. As I answered to Juanmoretime, I'm going to use the Michelin Pro Race tires for this round, knowing they aren't the lightest, but with good overall characteristics and in my color!
Thanks JuanmoretimepedalAZ
Oct 4, 2003 2:01 PM
I'll definitely check out the lighter tubes. The Kendas were sort of an afterthought.

The Maxm seat post is a concession to my homeys, the Titus people, who own and make Maxm components. They are local, and I like to support their products. I may cut some excess length off the Maxm post, as it comes in only one length, 400mm (It has a great clamp, BTW).

I've already got the cassette (and an 11-25, too), so I'm going to put it to use. I've used aluminium cassettes on my MTB and like the weight savings despite the shorter life.

I have no idea how fast the BTP plates will wear on the X-1's, but I don't expect to be putting insane miles on this bike; it's mostly a cross training ride for my MTB.

Admittedly, the Michelin Pro Race tires were picked in part for the color scheme on the bike, I went with dark blue on the tires and the bar tape (black/blue spash), and on the seatpost decals. I can't stand the light baby blue on the Pro Lights!
Pro Races - great mileage for racing tiresweiwentg
Oct 4, 2003 4:10 PM
I, since I am a featherweight, train on them.
re: Bike build project - wrong conversion actorpedalAZ
Oct 4, 2003 1:37 PM
should actually be 15.9 lbs, using the correct converison.

Thanks for the tips, guys. I was looking for that kind of feedback.