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Adjustable starnuts for carbon steerers(3 posts)

Adjustable starnuts for carbon steererspedalAZ
Oct 3, 2003 6:55 PM
I've got a choice of 2.

Reynolds ships one with their Ouzo Pro fork that weighs only 12 grams, but it fastens to a relatively heavy 24 gram top cap that plugs the end of the steerer tube, providing crush resistance against the force of the stem clamp.

The svelte Extralite model adjustable starnut weighs only 10 grams, and mates to a headset and top cap assembly from Extralite that weighs 72 grams complete with top cap. However, there is no plug for the center of the steerer tube where the stem clamps it.

I'm a weigh weenie, but logic tells me that the Reynolds plug is a good idea to prevent stress cracks in the carbon steerer tube.
re: Adjustable starnuts for carbon steererslithiapark
Oct 4, 2003 6:57 AM
I don't use the official top cap on my Ouzo Pro, use the King cap, haven't cracked the tube. My Easton EC90 fork doesn't come with a strong top cap, the steerer tube is not as stout as the Ouzo Pro's, and I havn't had that crack either. A good fitting stem ought to provide a reasonably balanced force around a tube, and a carbon tube should be extremely stout in circumferential compression as long as it is symmetric. BTW I use ITM stems which I think fit very well.
not a "star nut"C-40
Oct 4, 2003 3:44 PM
All carbon steerers come with some sort of expanding plug or mandrel that provides support in the area where the stem clamps. The key is is for the plug to either expand or fit tightly inside the tube to provide support. Most brands are expanding types. The lower portion of Mizuno's plug expands, but the top is supported by an long top cap that fits snugly inside the tube.

To worry about a few grams seems silly to me. If you're worried about warranty you should use the Reynolds product.